Sailor Cap

Carolina Engman

Photos by Mattias Swenson

Sorry for the radio silence guys! I took the red-eye to Stockholm and landed on Thursday morning and since then it’s all been a whirlwind of Christmas shopping, birthday dinners and catching up with friends. We’ve been staying at Scandic Grand Central over the weekend (aka my home away from home) and I’ve spent almost every morning in these large, beautiful windows with a big cup of tea, watching people rush by below. Love being back in town!

FISHERMAN CAP Saint James, (similar one here). KNIT Gant. JEANS J Brand. BOOTS Acne.

77 thoughts on “Stockholm

  1. She’s cute. But when I first met my hubby he was wearing a fisherman’s cap like this. He was even cuter :-)

  2. I’ve seen pictures of this place at the window at Scandic Grand Central countless times, but it never gets old. I can’t wait until I will sit there one time. Visiting Stockholm really is on top of my “where to go”-list.
    Hope you had a great christmas time and enjoy staying in Stockholm! xx

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