Stella McCartney, resort 2011


Stella McCartney Resort 11

FLOWERS. I’m back again after what felt like an eternity. The day after I got home from NY my laptop charger decided to die on me, hence no updates! Anyway, I’ve finally found a new one so expect lot’s of updates!

By the way, how amazing is Stella McCartney’s resort 2011 collection? Can’t stop looking at those wonderful prints..
Spring, please hurry!

39 thoughts on “Stella McCartney, resort 2011

  1. Hmmm not bad. Obviously you would probably not wear that much print together, but for a collection it works. I think the pieces will stand out a lot better once styled and mixed and matched with other layering pieces.

  2. I really admire Stella’s work, especially because she is one of the few women (comparing to men) in the fashion industry. She continues to keep it classic, ladylike and modern at the same time. Glad to see such beautiful prints and such elegant clothes. Amazing work, as always.

  3. Although I usually love stella, I sadly cant see myself in any of these;( I think its because the print is too big for me, but I could see them on some people as they are very striking!…yikes I’m probably the only person here that wouldnt wear them! I bet we’ll see a lot of this out in the hamptons come summertime…

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