SPRING. The weather was really good today so I put on a pair of sunnies
and just enjoyed the sun for a while. At the moment I’m waiting for the boyfriend
to come over with some takeaway food, then it’s movie time.
All of my friends are going out tonight, but I’m just so tired of clubs and parties.
Staying home is the new black!

19 thoughts on “Springtime

  1. I miss the sun so much! I just wish that stupid winter would finally be over! I honestly need Spring to come!

    Staying home is the best and the most fun sometimes! Enjoy! :D

  2. Staying home can be so enjoyable! But I do it far too often :P … I wish it was sunny here! But it just started to snow again, what a drag. I can’t wait for spring!!

    love your blog, forever and always beautiful girl.

    love!! amy

  3. ewww its so annoying how you call him “THE boyfriend”. get over yourself.

  4. staying in tonight too.
    sometimes nothing beats a glass of wine and music chosen by yourself on your very own comfy sofa.

    enjoy your quality time!

  5. Great pictures, love them bith. The skies are beautiful when the sun is behind them, I’ve notice that :)

    Like your blog, and you’re gorgeous.

  6. Jeg elsker våren! Spesielt de første dagene der du virkelig forstår at nå er det snart sommer.

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