Spring feelings

The Perfect Suede Trench

Photo by Mattias Swenson

We got a little preview of spring here in NY yesterday and getting to slip into this suede trenchcoat instead of the usual 5 layers of wool and cashmere was quite magical. Today it’s not nearly as warm and I’m back in my winter coat again, but knowing that spring is just around the corner makes me SO excited!

SUEDE TRENCH Gestuz. SUNGLASSES Mango. EARRING Sophie Bille Brahe. KNIT Uniqlo. JEANS J Brand. BOOTS Acne.

42 thoughts on “Spring feelings

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  4. Love the coat, wish I could see the boots better. Suede is going to be hot for this season…you’ve got a good start!

    xoxo Serap

    Love everything. Boho and floral are hip this season for sure….I’d wear that outfit to work any day! To truly be Boho you’ve got to have the accessories in there. I saw so many mismatched accessories on the runways for this year / season…what’s your take on mismatching fashion accessories?

    xoxo Serap



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