37 thoughts on “spring 10

  1. Not too keen on the styling but there are some amazing pieces. Love the clunky shoes in the far right pic.

  2. Oh I love it! I’m glad your back at Fashionsquad.com, I hope you’ll be blogging more, I miss your outfit posts!!!



  3. wow! i like so much these outfits! i like topshop as one of my fovourite shops! it always has different styles and very original too. Like so much your new page, so lovely!
    Well, Happy holidays!

    visit & follow my blog if you have time please :) thankyouuu

    em · ace · igrek

  4. i just find your blog, and the blog are realy nice! i like your pic upsteires. how can you do a cartoon of your self? i realy love you if you can answer me realy fast. :)

  5. oh, how I love these looks!
    will I ever get enough of floral tights?
    so I’m officially done with winter.

    I hope you had amazing christmas holidays and came to rest a little, busy girl!

  6. So I am just a little bit baffled as to why Topshop is so darn awesome. The way everything is styled ROCKS.

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