Dress, Stylestalker. Pearl Cross, Vintage. Shoes, Scorett. Rings, H&M.

BLACK DRESS. The spine-tingler dress from Stylestalker is not your everyday LBD, but I love it! The crochet feature that runs down the spine is so awesome! And no worries, the dress has a strategically placed nude coloured piece of fabric to cover your behind ;)

83 thoughts on “Spine-tingler

  1. this dress is HOT! spine-tingling indeed :)
    your hair looks great here too. it offers really cool contrast with the super sexified bodycon dress!

  2. Älskar hur du använder vinklarna i dessa bilder! Och klänningen är väldans fin den med!

  3. Loving that dress! And your hair is literally perfect, how do you make your braids stay so nicely? It always ends up a frizzy mess when I try to do anything interesting to my hair! Love these pics :)

  4. That is incredibly refreshing and beautiful! And Those Shoes…yowzaaaaa


  5. I’m always amazed by your photos! Such creative angles, I love it!
    After the angle of the first photo, i noticed the stunning hair, then the brilliantly matched jewelry, then the unique daring dress and finally the beautiful shoes..and every time i noticed one of those, I made a mental note to tell you i love them..so here you go!

    Sofia Leo x

  6. I love your hair! how did you do it? I always try to braid my hair, but since it’s too straight, it doesn’t stay for long…

  7. SNYGGA MÄNNISKA! Har nog skrivit det förut.. Men jag menar det! ÄLSKAR dina bilder, dina outfits, och kläder!

  8. ive been trying to perfect the braid for quite some time now, but i can never seem to get it right. GREAT shoes – love the crochet on the dress


  9. oh your hair looks so pretty this way, forgot to say it, but i adore those bangs! and you’re looking beautiful, totally rockin that dress!

  10. New fashion blog! Hope you will follow me!

    I love your style and your blog.

    Can I published an article about you?


  11. wow, nice pics, love the dress!
    how tall are you?
    you look soooo tall!

  12. wow, your pics are AH-MAAAAAZING! you have such a sweet and angelic look! It’s like sex kitten and innocence! LOOOOVE U!

  13. the detail on the back of this dress is so good. love that it has a nude piece attached; easier than trying to find your own way to cover up! and your hair is so pretty too.

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