39 thoughts on “Sparkling eyes

  1. you should try NARS tropic! it is that exact colour, and so lovely!

  2. Brukar själv ha den färgen på ögonskuggan och jag är ju blondare än blondast:) Mer färg på ögonlocken tycker jag!

  3. from a makeup artist point of view, I think that color will look great on a blonde.
    I’d use some thick black liner to go with it as well, and a nude lipstick.
    no harm in trying!


  4. usually i just wear neutral eye makeup like black or grey.
    however, this photo makes me want to run to MAC and purchase some extraordinary marine green eyeshadow! just stunning!!!!

  5. Wow, that eyeshadow is amazing! I really think anyone could rock that eyeshadow color, no matter your hair color.

  6. Absolut! Jag älskar grön ögonskugga och jag är ju blondie ;) Tror tom att jag har den nyansen. Fast det är ju självklart en blandning av olika skuggor och så löst glitter på. Do it do it!!

  7. Wow! These eyes are great! I’m a make up artist and I want want want these in my kit! What is the name of them?

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