SUMMERTIME. The weather decided to do a one-eighty and bring back summer and well, I’m not exactly complaining!
Celebrating with the first barelegged outfit of the year, woohoo!








COS Blouse. Topshop Shorts. Cambridge Satchel. Scorett boots.Vintage Pucci sunnies from the 70’s.

128 thoughts on “Sorbet

  1. stunning, the colors are really matching and it’s just a perfect spring outfit!

    love, selina

  2. Aww ^^
    What a lovely outfit!
    I love your floral sweet shorts and this Cambridge Satchel is also amazing!

  3. this look is full of brilliant and floral loveliness.
    i’m seriously lovestruck by those rad shorts!

  4. I love your outfit! And the TCSC in green is lovely <3 Is that a 13"?

  5. hi girl,

    i really love the vintage feel of the floral shorts – they are so fun and flirty. it looks great how you have teamed it with the pink shirt and green bag. its a new take on colour which is nice!

    the sunglasses are great too – the shape is so unique. they fit so well in our era, even though they are from the 70s

    thanks for sharing, you continue to inspire me everyday :)

    -fb X

  6. Sorry but..You look a little pregnant with this shorts. They’re awful!

  7. Varför är din blogg så svart för! Det gillade jag inte. Annars älskar jag din blogg. Riktigt bra inspirationskälla när jag får sådana där “vad-ska-jag-ha-på-mig-idag?-dag”.

  8. Great color combination, and that ring is marvelous! Beautiful shots,

  9. Each piece on its own it would not work. But when put together – BAM! Magic happens. Especially the glasses. Those shades tie the entire look together. Love it. And of course love the satchel.

  10. Hej, jag tycker verkligen att din blogg är sjukt inspirerande och jag älskar hur du blandar dyra och billiga märken, riktigt awsome! jag skulle älska om du kom och hälsade på min blogg (har precis bytt domän)

    kram// Elin

  11. Färgen på den väskan är så vacker!
    Gillar verkligen din blogg :)

  12. Finally ur back:) I was looking forward to see one of ur amazing outfits. Beautiful pictures!! I so love that cute, cute, cute shorts!!

  13. I love this outfit!!!! So cute!!! I need to go get a pair of topshop shorts! It’s just so awesome! the peachy pink shirt, with those sunglasses, the bag!! LOVE IT!

  14. Hey Carolina! I just saw your picture on the ZARA People Contest, but the winner (of 300 euro to spend in ZARA) hadn’t your name but “Tonic – Milano (”. I hope you are aware of this, and that you agreed that that person won 300 euro with your picture…

    Oh, and amaziiing outfit as always!


  15. Hello^^

    I am Japanese girl.

    I read your blog today for the first time.

    Please have your hard work♥

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