53 thoughts on “skyscrapers/dinosaurs

  1. Cool! I’d love to be able to see a dinosaurs’ skeleton one day and I agree with Sayablack the jewelry photo is pretty cool. :)

  2. Hi Carolina
    Nice posts about New York!
    I am making a trip to Stockholm in two weeks. Can you make a post about the places you love, such as places to party, eat, shop and see?

  3. Gosh, that picture with all the rings, is absolutely mind-blowing. I don’t know who was wearing it, but the girl with the snake double-finger ring is one lucky girl. So beautiful.

  4. Din blogg är lika udnerbar som alltid!
    Jag bloggar också, mest om mitt liv som ung fru och mamma, men inget vardagsgnäll utan livets guldkanter;=) Mat- jag ÄLSKAR mat (kämpar för att gå upp lite i vikt), inredning, mode, BARN-mode, design, osv. Vårt hem var med i vi-föräldrars barnrumsrepotage för ett tag sedan och snart kommer vårt hem i en bok..*stolt*.

    Nej, nu ska jag blogga lite till imorgon.
    Kram på dig!!

    hälsningar Erica

  5. I really love the first pic. It reminds me of being in the city, which I love. I also love the second pic. A lot of pretty jewelery! Great blog, very inspiring. :)

  6. skyscrapers and dinosaurs must be the most perfect combination.
    as everyone said, the rings are fantastic but I love your new hair more.


  7. yay those are my snake rings!! it is surreal getting to see my hands on your blog. haha.

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