Velvet Cape, Alexander Wang. Sheer white blouse, Weekday. Leather Skirt, Zara. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Bag, Beacons Closet. Sunnies, Karen Walker.

WIND. I’ve been dying to get some use out of this amazing Alexander Wang cape that has been hiding in my closet for about two months waiting for the degrees to drop. It’s made out of the softest velvet material and drapes perfectly around your body. I thought it deserved some proper batman surroundings so I climbed up on our roof top for some serious swooshing around!

110 thoughts on “skylines

  1. i love that cape!!! all of a wang’s crinkly velvet this season is epic…there’s this incredible dress in crimson red with lace peek-a-boo detail that I’m dying to buy…but it’s wayyyy over my budget :( you look like a good school girl gone BAD! hahaha

  2. and swooshing around you did! the broken background…and those circular skylines are amazing…the second photo oh so magnifique…you whole look is right off the runway…love the sunnies..and the velvet cape of course….!!!!!!

  3. I began to follow your blog so recently and I think u r gorgeous… Amazing outfit… Those lita I love sooo much!
    U are sooo pretty and cool….So beautiful pics and really fun background…

  4. All of your pictures in New York are seriously amazing!! New York agrees with you!

  5. Nice and fantastic buttoned up collar over the seater. I’v just discovered your blog from lookbook. Nice blog and nive woamn :)

  6. Blaah..

    This i not fair, why are you soo beautiful and you have so much beautiful clothes and you live in NYC….
    Hello, that’s my dream..
    I want your life..

  7. beautiful pictures, the Alex Wang velvet cape is irresistible Рgiving a tr̬̬̬s chic finishing to the whole outfit, excellent!

  8. love this little photo shoot! the cape looks so luxurious, and your accessories are to die for!
    xx caylee

  9. favourite outfit ever posted on here. Great setting, kind of a batman rooftop getaway vibe. Love the velvet, the leather everything just gorgeous! Hope you have a great weekend. Katie.xx

    fashion clocked

  10. just discovered your drool-worthy blog and once again, jeffrey campbell blows my mind with some breathtakingly beautiful platforms paired perfectly with that exquisite cape!


    can’t wait to see what you wear next …

    from a fellow bargain-lovin’ blogger,


  11. so awesome – what area in nyc are you living right now? im from long island, ny but i definitely want to go to the french cafe you mentioned before the next time im in the city :)

  12. Love taking photos. Love everything about it. I love to talk about it. I love to dream about it. I see the wonderful inspiring ocean shots online and wish I can be the one taking it. yeah, that’s my ultimate dream. GreenwichGal

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