43 thoughts on “Sienna in Alfie

  1. these are great images! i’ve never seen the movie, i have the original though, but i’d love to see the sienna miller one!

  2. I definitely love her!!! I love her style so much and I think some of her movies are really great – Factory Girl or Interview with Steve Buscemi.

  3. She`s so inspiring and beautiful. Love the movie, and all the pics – especially the one where they both are reading Vogue.
    Your blog is one of my favorite.

  4. Hi, sorry for writing it here, but can u please tell me whats the name of these beige i think wedges-boots with fur i think inside that u put on your blog just before you changed it (from fashionsquad to aperfectguide)

  5. i love siennnaaaaa
    btw when are you going to do the question & answer post??

  6. If you haven’t seen Factory Girl, go do it. Sianna Miller is adorable in it!

  7. Sienna Miller ser ändå väldifgt bra ut. Har du sett Factory girl? hemsk men otroligt sevärd!

  8. It looks like pictures of her other movie : “factory girl”.
    I loved factory girl, and now I have to see Alfie !

  9. Hon är ungefär världens vackraste i den där filmen. Påminner så mycket om Edie S och hela den där eran. Bara åh, trasigavackraflickorliksom.

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