20 thoughts on “Siena Fleming

  1. No no no! That girl is a freaking idiot! I suspecte as much from the way she was speaking, but then the fur comment really sealed it off…

  2. she’s so cute and has such an amazing style, I also loved the photo you post of her a few weeks ago (the jak&jil photo)!

  3. Ugh. She seems like a totally superficial fashion brat and looks way too trendy for my taste. Big no. What do you see in her?

  4. I really love her style, maybe she´s a superficial idiot, but she inspires me to dress

  5. She’s very unique and has great style, definitely inspiring. Yet I can’t say I agree with her views on wearing (real) fur.

  6. I absolutely love this video, and guess what? today I found a spoonbracelet just like hers in my favorite vintageshop! I mean, what are the odds?! pic on my site. Keep up the good work, your blog is one of my favorites!

  7. obviously anorexic.
    though she has a nice style.
    but way too thin, it distracts my concentration on the clothes.

  8. ” I wear fur because I love it, I can’t see what’s wrong with that, it’s not like I ordered anyone to kill an animal” ska man skratta eller gråta!?

  9. I could watch this video a hundred times and still not be bored with this girl. She has so much characteristics, such an inspiration. Love the watches, Amazing.

  10. I think she’s so inspiring. And I really agree with about the fur thing. We can’t change what has already been done. She has a great taste in fashion, she lives the whole ‘I just threw it on’ style. Love it.

  11. Her clothes are great, but that little body of hers is sick. I mean, you Carolina look healthy skinny – like it’s your natural weight – she just looks like a little school girl..

  12. Would I kill for here clothes? Yes. But that does not change the fact that this girl needs help from a professional. It is nothing personal but I would hate for girls to love her non excisting weight and even thnk that they have to look like her..

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