15 thoughts on “short blonde hair

  1. I LOVE short hair. I had short hair for the longest time, then wanted to grow it out. It’s past my shoulders now and I’m DYING to cut it again. Srsly, Caroline, take the plunge. It’s edgy, it’s easy, and your neck is much breezier haha.
    X (xyzstyle.com)

  2. Bilder som den här får mig verkligen att vilja klippa håret kortkort. Men, fegis som jag är, behåller jag håret långt (: Hennes jacka är ursnygg.

  3. her jacket, I love it! Her short hair, I like it! I have been thinking to cut my hair for this summer too, but not as short as she does, but I have kinda short already, but I want this short like Asheley Olsen, if you have seen pics of her from The Meta Ball, in a white long dress with her shoulder-length long hair, I want that one!! Not sure why I am talking about Ashely’s hair .. Anyway .. I like this look from this picture, special her jacket :D

  4. What jacket is this? I love it I want it. Where can I get it?
    p.s. Right there with you Nicole.

  5. Vart kommer bilden ifrån? speciellt jackan, vet du vart den kommer ifrån?
    Fick ett otroligt vill-ha begär!

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