shoes, shoes, shoes..

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

SHOES. As you probably know by now, I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to shoes. So much that they’re kind of starting to take over the apartment according to my boyfriend who snapped these pictures earlier today. So, I’ve decided to part with some of my favorites in hopes of finding new, loving homes for them. Tomorrow I’ll post the link to my online store where I’ll be selling lot’s of awesome pieces and hopefully you’ll find something you love! ;)

Sam Edelman Lorissa (here). Din sko. Kurt Geiger (similar here). Zara. Nowhere x 2.

193 thoughts on “shoes, shoes, shoes..

  1. I love shoes and I blame Carrie Bradshaw for that :-) The biggest bedroom in our house is my walk in and its not big enough! I do have a very understanding Husband and since giving birth to a girl 7 months ago, another reason to save it all for her ;-) Love the Kurt Geigers and the Sam Edelmans… xoxo

  2. Wonderful inspiration! I would dream for a shoe closet like that one day! :)


  3. wow! A girl’s heaven… and here I was thinking I was a shoe-addict!

    – Vee (

  4. as a fellow shoe addict, i swooned when i saw your amazing collection…can’t wait until you put some of them up, maybe they’ll end up in my closet instead! ;)

  5. Wow!!
    How can you get rid of any of them? I still have shoes from 7 yeard back and they’re nowhere near as stunning as these.

  6. OMG that is insane!! how does someone so young amass so many shoes?! kudos for sticking to heels, my ankles are pretty pathetic & halfway through an evening I’ll resort to the flats in my handbag :) Do you have a favourite pair? i love the sam edelman ones you have in the close up pic..

    Katie x

  7. åh love! men liten fråga.. mena klackar är typ sönderslitna efter en användning, men dina ser så fina ut. whats your secret??

  8. That is one amazing shoe collection. I hope you were a size 7.5 because I will happily take any of the shoes you don’t want anymore.

  9. you have a lovely collection of shoes, but please consider to give them away to people who don’t have any money instead of selling them, at the end you’ll feel much better

  10. Oh my gosh! I have about 7 pairs of shoes and generally I just stick with my simple but elegant white sandals. Shoes are beautiful to look at, but because of my size 11 and a half feet I generally can’t find many that would work for me. You’re so lucky to have all of those and I think your boyfriend did the wise thing. Gorgeous collection!

  11. this is heaven!
    it looks like a shoe closet for a major fashion publication
    honestly you have an amazing shoe collection
    I’ll definitely be looking to make some of the shoes you part with apart of my collection

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