Shit happens, apparently

17.35. For some reason, the birds here in Miami seem to hate me. I got bird shit in my hair twice today. TWICE. On the bright side, Alexander Wang was sitting a couple of tables away at 11th street diner where we had lunch today.

52 thoughts on “Shit happens, apparently

  1. that sucks about the bird poop. isn’t that good luck though? lol well i’m jealous that alexander wang was at the same restaurant as you!

  2. Aw, that sucks. But seeing Alexander Wang does make up for it. I’m amazingly jealous.

    Did you say anything to him?

    x Natalie

  3. Aww, that stinks. Well supposedly if a bird poos on you, it’s good luck, so I guess your’e doubly lucky :)

    So jealous about alexander wang. Did you say hi??

  4. Alex!! Did you say hi?

    DUDE, my car got shit on today! It was huge and disgusting and brown. So I totally feel for you :(

  5. i’m sure if that happened to me i’d be completely star struck (not the bird poo part, the alexander wang part).
    maybe the sighting was related to the shitting. good luck and all – maybe it was a sign!

  6. jäkla fåglar! jag fick fågelskit i min kaffemugg en gång.. (upptäckte det i tid så jag drack som tur inte av det!!) coolt att få se Mr. Wang sådära :)

  7. I bet the shit brings you luck and that explains meeting alexander wang in the same restuarant! You’re lucky!

  8. hahahaha aw i shouldn’t laugh..but no point in crying over it, so laugh laugh laugh…and i agree it gave you luck hence being in a close range to the little man with a brain of gold :)

    xx LM

  9. Hej. Surfade runt bland bloggar och hamnade hos dig. Troligen kommer jag tillbaka oxå nu när jag kollat runt lite hos dig :)

  10. omg i m so jealous!!!! i love alexander wang! he’s so cute!! sorry about the poop part tho =p

  11. I’m usually not a superstitious individual. but I heard it’s a lucky thing.. shitty. but kinda ironic. at least you saw mr. wang himself! how awesome!

  12. haha you are soo lucky! ^^ Maybe bird shit means luck? hahaha some people say the same about stepping on a poo haha

  13. I’m so jealous u got to go to Miami!!! I loved it last year!!
    And don’t worry…there’s this Spanish statement that says all bad things come with a good one!! So your bird poo came with genius Mr. Wang!!:P


  14. Are you sure it was Alexander? Maybe it was just a random skinny chinese guy. :D

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