shiny things steals my heart


SHINY. Just like a crow, I’m super attracted to shiny things. When I saw this sparkling blue/gold top at Repris ( one of my fav vintage/second hand stores in Stockholm) I knew I had to get it. I mean, it’s shiny AND blue (my all time favorite colour). Almost too good!

36 thoughts on “shiny things steals my heart

  1. you and your amazing finds, one after another!! i rarely wear it, but blue’s my fave color too =)

  2. i love the shirt! i wish we had good second hand stores here like you do in stockholm!
    if i am not mistaken the posters in the back are written in russian yes? (well i am sure the one on the right hand side is)
    great blog, check it everyday :)

  3. Really great top! You look just like Lily Donaldson in this picture!

  4. Love glittery things too, they make a simple outfit look unique! Love these lasts outfits you’ve shown specially the latest one with THAT amazing jacket!

  5. So gorgeous.

    Quick question- what kind of digital camera do you have???

    Thank you in advance, Carolina!

  6. sometimes i just think that u look soo much like mariana weickert – brazilian top model – not in this picture though..
    had anyone said that?
    by the way, i luv ur blog!

  7. oh in my local vintage shop on the weekend i saw a tee like this in silver and grey i didnt get it wish i had… love your finds!!

  8. you are such a savvy vintage shopper! everytime I drop by here there is a new little treasure you’ve encountered, the shirt really is gorgeous.

  9. I’m a crow too and I might just steal that shiny thing from you so I can look as lovely!


  10. Seriously love it, and the lipstick. Will have to check out Repris when in Stockholm!

  11. vart ligger den affären i stockholm? were is that store in stockholm?

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