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cream shadow/liner duo, smashbox. Lipstick, Wet’n’wild no 901B

MAKEUP. I get lots of emails from people wondering what kind of makeup I use. Well, I’m by no means an expert but what the heck! Yesterday I found this awesome cream shadow liner duo from smashbox that I absolutely love! It’s perfect for creating soft, smoky eyes and the best part is that you don’t have to be a brush wizard to handle this baby, just use your fingers and it will look awesome! The color duo I’m wearing is called Slate but they have a bunch of other color combinations that I’m dying to try aswell.

As I said in the beginning of this post, I’m no makeup pro at all but I know what I like, so if you want more makeup tips in the blog, let me know and I’ll try to post more about my personal favorites!

92 thoughts on “shades of grey

  1. beautiful look
    I was wondering if you could tell me what the name of the lipstick is. It’s a beautiful shade and just what I was looking for. Thanks.

  2. normally i’m not an huge fan of make-up, but you know how to wear it! you’re such a natural beauty! and is that a tattoo on your arm? i’m curious about it!

  3. Love these types of posts! Could you try to do more? Maybe like your foundation/skincare regime?

    Thanks & I love your blog <3

  4. Uuuuuh I like this make up! Smoky eyes can be very tricky as they can make you look a little too somber. But you just did it the right way! It is soft and it makes you look mysterious. And I also love the lipstick. AWESOME colour!

    Exercising for New Year’s? Because this would be a great make up for the night of the year! :)


  5. You may not think you are a pro, but I always always admire how well you do your make up. You pull off lipstick really well and always have the prettiest colours!


  6. In some of the pictures you post on your blog, you really do look like Blake Lively! Beautiful!

  7. I’d love for more make-up and beauty posts. That smashbox dup looks cool. I didn’t know you had a tattoo, what does it say? :)

  8. Fantastic, I’ve never tried cream shadows for a smoky look before (I usually smudge eye-liner and used some grey eye shadow) but I like what you’ve done with the cream. Do you find it is more resilient, in that is doesn’t decide to move to one part of your eye after a while and make you look a bit odd? I have that problem using powder.

  9. Effortless beautiful as usual! This look is really great for blondes! I will also try this lipstick!
    Thank you
    xoxo Junia

  10. OHH, really AWESOME!! I love those smoky eyes, were stunning, a perfect make up, and the colour of the lipstick really fits you so well. LOVELY!!
    PS. After looking to you make up, I realise you also have a tatto, what does it say?? It looks wonderful!!
    XOXO Helen

  11. Wow I can hardly believe that you’re not a makeup pro! Love the grey colour. It looks seductive and yet very classy :)

  12. Love the make-up post, more please!

    That first photo is very Kate Moss-esque.

  13. Just discovered ur blog, top of my fave!
    Please post a tutorial, this make up is amazing!


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