shades of grey


STREETS. For some reason almost everything I packed for NY was black, grey or white but I kind of think it captures the mood of the city perfectly. Ended up not buying a single thing during this trip and decided to compensate by doing some jet lag shopping last night (veeery dangerous). Will post some pictures as soon as the package gets here but I can say one thing, it’s completely the opposite of the muted colors above ;)






Topshop dress. JNBY leather jacket. American Apparel bag. H&M sunnies. Scorett boots.

92 thoughts on “shades of grey

  1. I think you DEFINITELY captured NYC dressing here, bb! Looking fabulous as always ♥
    I’m excited to see your new purchases though~!

  2. love the effortless simplicity of the shapes and the colours – pure and simple radness.

  3. I love the asymmetrical dress, and even looks comfy.
    Muted looks are usually the ones I favor, anyways. And I’m pretty sure that every blogger ever has the aa bag.
    It just will go with anything.

  4. Jetlag late night shopping is always the best! hope you’ve found some great bargains!

    Loving this outfit so much! you look effortlessly chic!

    Helen xxx

    Fashion Euphoria

  5. I always pack the same kind of colours with me on vacation! It’s interesting how I think I’ll have a completely different outlook on life and style in another city, but it’s more or less always true.

    Love the edginess of this look, and you look absolutely gorgeous, as always!

  6. Even though you packed grey, white and black clothes, you can really pull it off!

  7. this blog is one of my favoutie ones!:) one question though; if u were alone then who took these pictures?

  8. the dress is cool. the jackets sleevs are too long and thats ugly, and the boots are even more ugly.

  9. Voted for you Carolina for Fashionista of the Year, you deserve it more than anymore. This look is STUNNING.


  10. Great outfit, but why are you always showing your clothes in photos arranged to look like a paparazzi took them? Celebrity syndrome.

  11. can i ask you if that bag is the medium or the large one? because i want exactly the same one, but i’m not sure since i want to order it from the website.

  12. I love that dress. I love how it’s asymmetrical! I really like your hair. Is it naturally a little wavy? :)

  13. I love everything about this ensemble, it’s absolutely perfect. Definitely digging your use of muted colors and textures!

    xo, Cat

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