133 thoughts on “Shades of blue

  1. love it!! especially the bag!!!!!



  2. No kinky Shades of Grey going on here, just an innocent Carolina prancing about prettily!


  3. Hello my dear!
    nice post!
    I love the dress!and the lovely pisctures!
    Have a fab day!

  4. I loved this picture….everything in it…you,the clothes,the heels,the earrings,the bag….THE BLUES….grt job on this one.

  5. The Proenza PS1 is incredible! I wasn’t too much of a fun of the peacock one until now! Gorgeous look, as always.
    xo, B

  6. I have learnt to love and appreciate blue as well. I am very much like you, a pink, red and warm tones person until I ran into the lovely Outremer Balenciaga blue. I think I am definitely wanting to add something blue into my bag collection as well :)

  7. If “statement earrings” isn’t a thing yet, you just made it happen! Woah.

    xo Ashley

  8. Hi,

    You know Blue is my favorite color and now i watch your products in Blue and now you are also my favorite,
    And specially your Blue hand bag and your earning is too much awesome i really like it.

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  10. I love the color blue on you and other people but not me. I don’t know, just don’t think it does any justice with me but on fairer girls, it works so well!

  11. Blue has always been one of my favorites as well.
    I love every shade it comes in :)
    (As a matter of fact, I’m am wearing all blue as I write this :p)


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