25 thoughts on “Sex on heels my dear friends

  1. Galet snygga! Synd att alla snygga skor är så jäkla dyra.. Har letat klackboots hur länge som helst nu!

  2. Hello!!! I really like these heels, but I’m not too sure about the front of the shoe, it reminds me of Dc Martens with that stiching!!!!!

    Thanks for your lovely blog :)

    Bonne soirée,

    Mademoiselle M.

  3. Oh how I’m in love with thee!

    It’s only recently that I’ve come to discover the wide and wonderful world of fashion blogging — I wholly express my adoration for you, and the words and pictures you fuse together to create this abode of yours.

    Rock femme is also a style I love and my closet is packed with flowy dresses, tiny skirts, 90 pairs of the highest heels and boots… and custom made leather jackets (something that appears to be our mutual passion) — I put together outfits that seem to make many people oogle and grow envious of. I just wish I was a little more prudent and organized to take pictures of what I wear daily…

    Expect me to drop in more often! x

  4. Oh my what I would give for these! They’re like Doc Martens but with a heel, sexier and Balenciaga, so infinitely better.

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