22 thoughts on “Sequins

  1. I posted that same photo earlier this week. It really is the perfect outfit; I’m so glad you’ve posted it too!

  2. Jag postade faktiskt den bilden för ett tag sen! Men jag är inte glad över att du också gjorde det! ;) Ses imorgon baby bird (har du fransarna kvar, du skulle ju sova med dom). Puss

  3. god, what an outfit, I die!
    the sequin jacket, the bangles, those shoes!

    I was wondering the other day where you went to in those stayups-red lipstick outfit?
    don´t get me wrong, it looked amazing but I can´t imagine you in a cinema or a cozy restaurant like that.
    so tell me which location was honoured with such loveliness?

  4. everything about sasha looks incredibly perfect and spectacular in this photo :) …

    especially her shoes!

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