47 thoughts on “Sequins + denim

  1. What an amazing find, seriously. It’s so perfect, you can wear it with cut offs, and you could wear it with something fancy! You’ll get a lot of wear out of that!

  2. ohh that jacket is stunning. you are such a beauty lady.
    I need those shoes, I see they come in beige is well which is what I have been wanting for ages!!
    Do you know if they ship to Australia at all?


  3. mad props to the sequined jacket, it is a perfect piece to spice up a simple jeans and tee combo.
    you look very pretty in this shots too! :)


  4. you look great and the sequin jacket is out of this world..I´ve always wanted to ask you- how tall are you??

  5. The cross necklace is beautiful! Your shorts are awesome, trendy but you dont have the ENTIRE pocket hanging out of your short. Beautiful!

  6. Wooow Frankly What a stylish cocktail, OR the sparkling side of “Sexy/casual GLAM on Urban Territory” !!!!
    ps: Mmmh I really like the chromatic harmony between your” fetish” polished toes AND the bike, full of Refreshing subtlety !!!

  7. Gorgeous jacket! I’m in love with the second to last photo – so beautiful.

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