Self Service









pictures via fashiongonerouge

LOVE. Anja Rubik looks absolutely stunning in the f/w 2009 edition of Self Service.
Can’t stop looking at the pictures!

51 thoughts on “Self Service

  1. Och skorna, så fina! Vet du vad det är för några?
    Älskar din blogg och jag tror att nya lägenheten kommer bli underbar :)

  2. I love the georgeous shoes on the strawberry. Magnificent. Anja is so beautiful. She has such an innocence about her but can also look sexy and tough.
    I am planning to come to Stockholm soon, it looks beautiful. I am from New Zealand. Our family friend has second cousins over there. You might know them.
    By the way, I absolutely love your style, so so so much, and you are so pretty. Love your blog.

  3. Although I love those Chloe shoes, I have to say there’s nothing “stunning” about the way Anja looks in this ed. She looks painfully thin, to the point where, despite her sexy poses, all I can think of is “malnourished”.

  4. simply amazing, she looks so stunning
    plus shes wearing those chloe shoes I just love =)

    Theory of a fashion victim

  5. Such a great editorial – I cant stop looking at the photos either!

    P.s. you have really great style

  6. I was wondering if you could tell me what camera you use to photograph yourself when you’re at home. Your pictures have great quality and since I am thinking of buying a new camera I decided to do some research on which one to buy.

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