29 thoughts on “seaside

  1. Hey! You look amazing :) Anyway I’m just wondering, what do you work as? How do you get all the money to buy so many designer items?

  2. Steph: Haha well, first off I don’t really know which designer items you are referring to since I only have like 2-3? I saved to buy the Miu Miu bag and bought the rest on sale :) I almost only shop at H&M, Zara or thrift stores so I don’t really spend much on clothing. But I work as a stylist, write this blog and do some consulting :)

  3. Lovely pictures !!! you both are super cute!! hope you had a good time in my city :) kissess from Barcelona :-)

  4. I was sitting exactly on the same place 2 years ago :D And i am totally in love with this city.

  5. Wow, these pictures are so beautiful. I think your boyfriend look a little bit like Ed Westwick, he looks beautiful, just like you.

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