Scarlett: Vogue Paris, april 2009

picture; tfs

SCARLETT. I wasn’t sure of this cover at first, but I actually think I like it love it, quite a lot!
And I really like that hair color on her, it gives her an “air of mystic”, don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “Scarlett: Vogue Paris, april 2009

  1. Oh I love it. It’s a very cool picture and not the average US Vogue celeb type of cover. But this is Vogue Paris so I would’ve expected anything less ;). I am so happy to see Scarlet on this – she’s amazing. I defintiely need to get this issue.

    Thanks for posting ^o^

  2. Usually I don’t like celebs covering the fashion magazines(*cough* American Vogue *cough*), but this was actually accetable! :P But you’re right, the hair color gives her a little “air of mystic”, I couldn’t said it better myself. :)

  3. i think she looks much better blonde. extremely blonde in fact.
    i think this hair colour is like: ok..i just changed my natural blonde to this darker colour 5 minutes ago.

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