Pictures by Mattias Swenson

SATURDAY. Can’t believe how windy it was outside this morning, (you can probably tell from the picture above, crazy!) So, what else is new? Well, I’m still unpacking boxes in the new apartment and banging my head against the wall for being such a pack rat, but the place is finally starting to look like a home!

This Carin Wester jacket is the latest addition to my wardrobe. I fell in love with it after seeing it at their show last summer and finally got my hands on it! (If you like it I think there’s still a couple of ones left over at 30cancan). Hope everyone has a great weekend!

CARIN WESTER jacket. CÉLINE sunnies. MICHAEL KORS watch. ZARA sweater. TOPSHOP jeans. ZARA heels. KURT GEIGER clutch.

138 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. This jacket is totally amazing, if only I could buy it…! (: And well, got one maybe strange comment about the photos. This rubber band at the photo of your shoes is really distracting. But still, light is great and you’re beautiful (: Kisses xx

  2. My words are the same thing… But, Such an amazing outfit. You have a perfect sense of fashion. Love the jacket with the color of the clutch and to complete, one black pants :)

  3. Love this outfit, really well put together – that bag is amazing! you look beautiful!
    The photos are fantastic, too xx

  4. you have such a wonderful smile Carolina =)
    love the colour of that Kurt Geiger. it really suits the fine details of your sweater.
    wish you a very merry easter weekend!


    Style Hostess

  5. What an amazing jacket ! I think it can make any outfit look chic !

    New outfit post on tripsandtreasures. net

  6. I love the pictures! And I think the jackets fits perfectly to your whole style :)

    Love, B.

  7. Love these colors!
    Very nice jacket and clutch, together they look amazing…they remind me…retro style! :)


  8. I recently discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it! It’s the epitome of perfection and your sense of style is impeccable. I’m in awe at how brilliant it is! I hope you’re having a lovely day xxx

  9. But how I always love your pictures,oooh!Always flawless poses and places to compliment the outfits.LOOOOVE!

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