Dress, Richard Nicoll. Photo, Mattias Swenson.

PHOTOSHOOT. Today we’ve been walking around Florence shooting some looks I styled with clothes from the spring/summer collections at Luisa Via Roma. The wonderful Richard Nicoll dress above was one of my favorites, alongside a pair of amazing fluorescent orange pants from Jil Sander!
I have tons of pictures to show you guys when I get back home, but now it’s time to get ready for tonights big party!

80 thoughts on “saturday

  1. I love the whole batman cape effect; it achieves a sort of wonderous mischief aspect to the entire elation. Eagerly looking forward to the further edition of photos! X Neda X

  2. I just discovered your blog via the hype around firenze4ever @ luisa via roma… and WOW!
    You’re the blogger with the best pictures, it’s like you have a photo shoot for a magazine everyday!!
    Great!! I’m adding you to my blogroll right now!!
    Enjoy Florence ;)

  3. Wow absolutely STUNNING! I am so inspired by your outfits….you have no idea!

  4. You have always been a major fashion inspiration to me, def a Style Icon :). i LOVE your style so much! I wanted to ask you, i’m looking for a career in fashion, and really looking into becoming a Stylist. How is it being a freelance Stylist? Any tips on being one? Thanks so much if you can respond, my email is kcmurillo1990@gmail, if you want to email me instead. Thanks lovely, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  5. What a gorgeous dress. It looks like a flowy cape from behind. Can’t wait to see all of your photos! Have fun at the party.. Florence is absolutely magnificent, isn’t it?

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