San Francisco


Pic via weheartit

SF. Landed in San Francisco earlier today, and so far, I’m loving it!!
Found an awesome shiny silver jacket at a thriftstore in the mission that I’ll show you a picture of soon.
I’ve been up for 27 hours now so it’s time to get some well needed sleep, nighty night!

34 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Hey there, veeery nice blog (although I’m sure you’ve been told this quite often ;)
    Love your tribal shoes, especially the wedge heel, although I must admit there are the only tribal item I’m liking (believe or not I’m not big on those prints…)
    But I love the light in your photograph, especially the pillow fight one. Nice pairing of the dress with the turban! At first I overlooked it thinking it was a berret, than I saw your notes at the bottom and had to do a double take XD
    Will be back for more…

  2. Beautiful picture.

    I hope you have the most wonderful time my dear. The vintage silver jacket sounds incredible, cannot wait to see it!


  3. 27 hours! ive never been to san francisco, but ive heard only great things.. enjoy your visit!!


  4. Oh how I want to be back in San Francisco! Ah! I love that city soooo much. Have fun darling!

  5. Welcome to SF!! We’re happy to have you! Glad you stopped in the Mission first, thats where true gold is to be found. (ESP Mission Thrift- maybe where you were) If you need a cool place to try (un-clothing related) try out Bacar in SOMA on Fridays between 4-7 they have $1 oysters and $5 cocktails and its a pretty cool place to feel the vibe and buzz of SF after everyone heads out of the financial district from their jobs. :) Have fun!

  6. I love your blog, my English is not perfect but I will try to comment because I have always wanted! I’m glad you’re in San Francisco hope that the trip goes well:)


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