S. Carolina

Tuxedo jacket, vintage. T-shirt, Vintage. Jeans, H&M. Necklace, H&M. Bag, Miu Miu. Shoes, Zara.

THURSDAY. I’m so in love with this comfy vintage t-shirt I bought at Beyond Retro the other day, I seriously want to wear it all the time. And as a bonus, it’s good for people with bad memory too (my name is not Caroline, it’s Carolina for god’s sake). I’ve also been wearing this necklace a lot lately, gotta love H&M!

22 thoughts on “S. Carolina

  1. I really like the combination. Simple but great! The necklace is divine, I’d never thought it’s from H&M at all!

  2. haha that is funny about the name thing, It really is impossible for me to forget your name as I am from north CAROLINA, lol I wont forget it. BUT amazing outfit miss carolina, love the tshirt and the overall mix u have of vintage and current; you wear it well.

    comment so I know u have stopped by

  3. Dare I say it: the combo of this particular tee and the necklace is not quite right…but hey that’s just me..

  4. this is just the sort of outfit i would wear, simple but with great details. it’s very kate moss and i love the miu miu, must buy one someday soon. i have to say lovely that you are so stunning, great smile and beautiful hair, even if you chop it. i love coming to your blog and seeing what you are up to , congrats on the bik bok campaign it looks amazing. lovely weeked caroline.

  5. I was in SC, and feel so nice to see that T-shirts run into your blog. I have a few SC T-shirts too :)

  6. You look amazing and I totally agree with everything Cindy (just above) said.
    Your style is totally similar to what I love.
    I have this f a n t a s t i c vintage Harley Davidson tee- it says “Can you handle it?”
    I just l o v e it sooooo much!!

    Love your h&m necklace- it’s so great! Inspires me to look for more jewelry at h&m….everything always looks soo cheap to me!
    But you make this piece look like a million bucks!!


  7. Cool outfit!!!
    Where did you get this bag? I love the zipper details!

  8. OMG….kan man känna sig dummare… det e ju Caroline som bloggar på pause!! kom på det i samma stund jag postat inlägget! damn, my MISTAKE… *rodna* well, like u both a LOT. sooooorry!

  9. I’ve been going through most of your blog for the past… four hours? Daaang. I’m at school and procrastinating way too much. I discovered your blog yesterday and have now seen a whole years worth of it. lol.
    Cute outfit! I couldn’t help being amused that you found a Gamecocks tee! I live in North Carolina. :]
    And you found that shirt in Sweden? That is SO cool.

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