Red + Pink. Bottega Veneta. Pictures via

COLORS. Love the awesome clash of red and pink in Bottega Venetas fall 10 collection..
Definitely something that would spice up any dull winter wardrobe!

43 thoughts on “Red/Pink

  1. Typically it’s a fashion faux pas but I think it looks really cool! + there’s nothing wrong with being a little rebellious, right?


  2. I think what makes it work is that is not a true deep red, but more of an orange toned red which really helps when layering on the pink. I think it works in this case.

  3. thanks for enlightening me on this.. i havent seen the photos from bottegas runway show. im a huge fan of red+pink!


  4. I don’t see myself sporting this combination anytime soon, but I really like it! I’ve always been a sucker for uncommon and “forbidden” color combinations. The red and pink sure is a fresh combination. I would break out in a smile if I spotted anyone wearing it in this dark and cold weather.

  5. I like this style, especially the color.They are so beautiful.But I think this shoes don’t match it.

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