Rebecca Minkoff + 12 days of Christmas giveaway!

GIVEAWAY. Remember yesterday when I told you that I had something fun in store for you? Well, here we go!
I’ve teamed up with Rebecca Minkoff for the ultimate Christmas giveaway where 12 lucky readers can win the stunning,
striped ‘Boyfriend’ bag from Rebecca Minkoff’s Resort collection!!

 All you have to do to enter the giveaway is:

 1. Like Fashionsquad  & Rebecca Minkoff on facebook

2. Leave a comment on this post with your facebook name & keep your fingers crossed!

The competition is open for everyone and ends on December 24th and the 12 winners will be announced on december 25th!

2,534 thoughts on “Rebecca Minkoff + 12 days of Christmas giveaway!

  1. ok whatever how do you guys choose the winner anyway? :( ok so my fb name is marianne anterlol

  2. The bag is so beautiful!
    I liked both of you on Facebook. My fb name is “madstyling”.


    xo Madeleine

  3. Haha I always try but it seems like I’m not so lucky, though!
    I follow you since the beginning and I’ve always benn so inspired by your style, so..keep going!

    Ilaria Passon

  4. This is awesome!
    Btw. I really like your Din Sko boots from, well, the last 10 posts?!

    Facebookname: Tessa Kreunen

    Hope I will get a lovely Christmas present

  5. Oh my gosh! wanna win this gorgeous bag so bad!
    FB name: Vicky Münger

  6. Woops got a little too much excited!


    With love :)

  7. I really can’t believe this!!! SO EXCITED (keeping my fingers on both hands crossed). Thank you so much Carolina <3

    FB name: Angeliki Tagari

  8. Your looks are so amazing *w*
    The bag is wonderful!!!
    What to say? Fingers crossed.

    Fb name: Sara Carfagna

    xoxo from Italy

  9. Stunning bag! It’d be the perfect Xmas present!
    Facebook name: Rita Diella
    Fingers crossed ;)

  10. im never lucky in these kinda giveaways. hope its different this time round. *fingers crossed*

    FB name: Jia Ping Tan

  11. would be a great christmas gift! lets see if this time e win something :)

    Fb name: Rúcula Reis

  12. Such a cute bag! Love the striped colors!! I want, I want!

    FB name: DanLin Ou

  13. This giveaway is amazing! I love this bag and I really hope to win it!
    My Facebook name is Elena Zandonà
    Fingers crossed!

  14. WOW that would be sooo great, cant describe it! Merry Christmas everyone! xxx Sonja Klocker

  15. All the best for everybody!!!
    Fingers crossed!!!!!

    Thank you Rebecca and Carolina for this wonderful giveaway!!!
    Hope that these bags can bring all the best and lucky things to who receive it.

    My FB name: Ely Yu.

  16. perfect christmas giveaway! love it!

    (finger crossed)

    fb: Zeynep Altmisoglu

  17. Awsome bag and great idea, truly in Christmas spirit! Good luck to everyone!

    Facebook name: Lucija Oštri?

  18. ADORE this bag! Thank you for the giveaway :) xo

    Heather Jean Jantz

  19. Erin Freemantle-Couture …I’m so excited! What a lovely purse! Could really use one this time of year for a bit of color in NYC

  20. LOVE Rebecca Minkoff’s bags! so beautiful. Have never seen one in person before, we don’t have them where I live :(
    Megan Gibbons (Facebook name)

  21. i really, really want this bag ( :
    Love it !!
    fingers crossed,

    Facebook name: Jana Peters

  22. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! She makes such amazing bags!
    Facebook Name-> Mariana Capaz Cascão

  23. Sandra Rabasauskaite or Sandra Rabašauskait?

    (this blog does not show lithuanian letters :( ) you can email me at

  24. I hope to win! I love it! Finger cross

    Facebook name: Martina Francesca Buttafava

  25. Im keeping my fingers crossed for this beautiful and wonderful giveaway. Thanks to both CE and RM :)

    Facebook name: Jisu Jeong

  26. This is such a cute bag! Perfect for spring and summer. I hope I win! (Athena de Belder)

  27. Love it. Hopefully i’m gonna win this time!
    *fingers crossed!!!
    fb name: Daphne Kiritsi Brandl

    from fashion&

  28. great! thanks for the opportunity! great giveaway!! :) my fb name is Maria Achladianaki

  29. OoooOOOooh…what a great Christmas present! Liked already (obviously!) and liked again.

    Facebook name: Bronagh Butler, username: bronaghb.


  30. beautiful bag!!! the perfect christmas present!

    Facebook Name: Mara Herrera

  31. Dying to WIN!!!!!!!!!! Crossing my fingers, toes, hands, legs everything! XOXO and Rebecca Minkoff ?

    Facebook name: San Dalvi.

  32. It’s so lovely, I love the bag! A great giveaway! :)
    Facebook name: Amaia Leunda

  33. Love Rebecca Minkoff, I just hope I get a bag because do not know where to get her bags here in Spain!…
    (facebook: soulofashopper)
    xo, Alma

  34. This could be the perfect Christmas gift!
    Good Luck to everyone!

    My Facebook Name: Ana Ma Aranda Saiz

    Have a nice day (:

  35. I really like this label but i cant afford it. Like your blog too.
    Charlotte Bouthier

  36. Facebook name: Rina Red

    I love RM! I’ve never been so obssessed with a designer like I did
    With RM! Lovin’ your blog got style! :)

  37. Pick me! Pick me! Your biggest fan out of the Mid-West! Fingers crossed I get this, or maybe a sample sale will visit St. Louis?! :)

    FB Name: Katie Voss (

  38. Soooooo excited about this incredible giveaway! I loveeee rebecca mink off bags so much! they are so chic!! I like both pages on fb- Cindy Batchelor

  39. This little bag is so fun! And would make a perfect present for ME! :)

    FB name: Sarah Wilson Leto

  40. That bag is gorgeous! I’m making grabby hands at my computer screen. Beautiful, perfect Christmas present! :)

    My Facebook name is Tiffany April Hopkinson.

  41. Love it!! Thank you for the chance!
    Facebook name: Susan Carroll

  42. What a PERFECT birthday present this would be (27 on the 26th…. last year was my golden birthday— over lying about the age).

    Addicted to you on blog lovin’ and of course have a serious need for some help with my RM addiction, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH…. thank god, on my budget, I have really fallen in love with her pouches… they make great, fun, chic little clutches for any evening on the town (when you don’t need to tote around half your life that is).

    xoxo and good luck to all (but good luck to me, I never win these things!!!)

    FB: Ilycia Kahn

  43. So cute, reminds me of L.A. boho chic style. I want!! xoxo
    FB Name: Jean Estrada

  44. Hi! Rebecca Minkoff is undoubtedly one of my faves. I feature her pieces on my blog all the time!! It would be awesome to win a bag and start off the holidays amazingly!!
    Fb name: Eliza Feldman

    Thanks :)

  45. I like and Rebecca Minkoff on facebook!!

    FB Name – Alicia Bianchi

  46. My mood could use a big upgrade, in the Netherlands the weather is being really grey and wet. Soooo Rebecca Minkoff could really cheer me up!
    My name is Nika Buijs.
    thanks alot!

  47. I would love to win!!! I love Rebecca Minkoff, shes my favorite!!! <3 Krista Trivieri

  48. OMG, i LOVE that purse! its a done deal and like you both on facebook now! awesome contest with an awesome prize :)

  49. I want this bag so much. I’d rock São Paulo with it!
    Fb name: Caroline Carrion (

  50. Already ‘like’ Fashionsquad & Rebecca Minkoff on Facebook, so the entry is easy!! Now I have my fingers crossed, as I love the Minkoff resort bag line…
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole (facebook name)

  51. Hi my name Katie Kahn

    I read your blog daily and have been really impressed, almost to the point of being obsessed.

    If I am lucky enough to win it will be a dream, and I will come to work wearing the best bag you’ve ever seen.

  52. I’m Jen Mooear on Facebook, and all I want for Christmas is to win this gorgeous bag.

  53. I have had my eye on this bag for a long time!!! Would love to have my very own.

    Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Facebook Name: Laura Tomana

  54. This is gorgeous and I would love love love have my own :) Thanks and Happy Holidays!
    Facebook Name: Nicole Latona

  55. Hi!
    Awesome giveaway, I’ve been wanting a Rebecca Minkoff bag for months.

    Crossing my fingers :)

  56. i am following on facebook as sharon griffin. would love to win one of these wonderful bags for christmas x

  57. BEAUTIFUL BAG! *crossing my fingers*
    One of the most sophisticated and inspiring fashion blogs I’ve come across, I would kill to have a taste of your personal style :)
    Facebook Name: Brittany-Erin Rose

  58. Hello, this bag looks great!
    Maybe I will have luck :)
    p.s. Your blog is beautiful. Kisses from Slovakia.
    FB name: Alexandra Füleova

  59. fingers officially crossed !
    Happy Holidays Carolina :)
    facebook name: Catalina Gomez S

  60. This little one is beautiful, would have aloooot of fun to carry it around the world with me :)
    Fingers are crossed,

    FB NAME : Widika Sidmore

  61. Lena Petersen

    And I promise I will keep my fingers crossed until the 24th of December :D

  62. La piel de avestruz combinada con el tejido deportivo le da un aire rompedor y chic que me encanta. Lo quiero, lo quiero, lo quiero.
    Enhorabuena por tu blog.
    Nombre facebook: Lucía Escobar Sevilla

  63. Amazing!!! Super excited for a giveaway like this one :) Fingers are crossed…
    Facebook name: Ashley Botsford

  64. Loving Christmas time and all these beautiful giveaways !
    facebook : Emilie Lau

  65. Facebook Name: Stephanie Boateng

    Fingers crossed!
    Such a gorgeous bag

  66. Hey! My facebook name is Tania Delgado Borromeo :) it would be the best giveaway for christmas!

  67. fingers crossed!!!!

    Facebook Name:Lina ???

    i loveeee Carolina and loveeee Rebecca Minkoff!!!

  68. I Like Fashionsquad & Rebecca Minkoff on facebook! (Name: Cristina Vignone)

    Thanks so much! Happy Holidays, everyone!! :D

  69. We’re getting a foot of snow in CO today – I might be Swedish but I still can’t stand this weather… fingers crossed I can win a piece of RM resort to add a little sun in my life!

  70. I keep my finger super truper crossed. And I wish myself good luck!!
    FB: Martina Atzei

  71. it will be perfect for the far far spring :)

    fb: Valentina Ferrarini



  72. This is the perfect bag for spring! I love the colors, best give away yet! Such a gorgeous bag <3

  73. Oh my god, I can’t believe how many people are signed up for this giveaway!!! How do I stand a chance of getting this sweet bag??? I wish I could do a virtual somersault just to get some attention! Just kidding. I really hope that I win this, but I know the competition is stiff. My facebook name is: Lesley Langa.

  74. I (same name as above) like you both on Facebook
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Like you both on facebook, my fb name is Emma Glass. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!

  76. Thanks for the opportunity:)
    Facebook name: Tang Yan ?Piano) -> i think its easier to search with my nickname:)

  77. oh yes ! am keeping my fingers crossed for sure !! that bag is so so cute !
    FB name: Shamini Poisson

    Thank youuuuu !

  78. Oh my god! It would be so amazing to win. This bag is really great!
    FB Name: Rebecca Maria

  79. Mandy Yvonne Marsden

    Rebecca Minkoff is perfection in a handbag.
    Good luck to everyone. :)

  80. This would be such an awesome Christmas present!!! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway :)

    Facebook name: Lauren Peabody

  81. I’d really love it!!! :)
    my fb name: Matelda Gerini
    I’m waiting and hoping:)

  82. pretty sure i won’t win but lets take a chance…. :)
    facebook name: Carina Mikalajun
    p.s. you’re so prettyyyyy

  83. OMG thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!
    Love your style <3

  84. Would be a fantastic Christmas if i win this :-)

    Facebook name: Vidya Krishnan

  85. Fingers crossed!!!! the bag is amazing I really really love it and want it!! haha
    My FB name es Alba Maria I

  86. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much for hosting this- Rebecca Minkoff bags are the best! I like both and Rebecca Minkoff on Facebook. Here’s hoping for a super fun email from you this month! :-)

    Facebook name: Particularly Practically Pretty

  87. FB NAME: Stephanie Maldonado

    Obsessed with Rebecca Minkoff. Would be great to win this! :)

  88. Great site, my sister is always nicking my laptop to read your blog, so I guess I will enter on her behalf. Fingers crossed:-}
    My Facebook name is Anderson Vinda.

  89. I like both fashionsquad and Rebecca Minkoff on facebook. My facebook name is Donna Fiorino

  90. This is a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for making one of us lucky individuals a winner!

    FB:Samantha Meyer

  91. I don’t have something special to write, but I want to say ‘thank you’ for you. I enjoyed your blog only a month ago and it had already inspired me.
    I want to be a little bit luckier to win this bag.

  92. omg!! what a beautiful bag!!! really would love to win this giveaway!! it would be a great xmas present!!!
    my fb name is Maria Gravalou

  93. Great giveaway! I “like” both Facebook pages.
    Facebook name – Adele Fiorino

  94. Yay! Winning time!!! :) I “Like” both fashionsquad and RM on my fb.
    My FB ID is Sofie Sohyun Kim.
    Thanks! :D

  95. very nice giveaway, and a perfect gift for my birthday coming next week!! :)
    my facebook name is Francesca Lacchini… I’ll keep fingers crossed, hands’ and feet’s!

  96. Wow that’s quite a response you’ve gotten. Unlikely to win but I’ll take my chances, that bag is gorgeous!
    FB name: Valerie Paniagua

  97. Wow look at that bag <3

    I like both on fb! Fb name: Riikka Rekola (

    keeping my fingers crossed :)

  98. This is the give away I have been waiting for ! Big fan of RM and your blog! Facebook name: Ellen Odegaard. :)

  99. FB Name: Sarah Ballard

    Thanks to both you and Rebecca Minkoff for hosting this giveaway :)

  100. Thanks so much for the wonderful holiday giveaway!! :)
    Liked both on FB as Deanna Chan.

  101. My fiancé will just love my Boyfriend bag when I take it out on a shopping date! ; ) facebook name: Rebekah Jean

  102. Beautiful!
    This is the finest combination of feminine and masculine in one bag.
    And these colours..Perfect for this winter
    Keeping fingers crossed for myself and the other guys :)

    PS: my facebook name is Elina Abdrakhmanova

    Have a great evening!

  103. The most perfect xmas gift if I win!!
    fb name : Stamina Scarmoutsou
    Right now i’m keeping my fingers crossed!(and i’ll be doing it until 25th december!!)

  104. I would never let it out of my hands, it’s really stunning! And also it’s a perfect gift for Christmas!
    Facebook name: Evija Reke
    Keeping fingers crossed for the next few days!
    Good luck everyone!

  105. WAHOO! Crossing my fingers!

    Facebook name is Sabrina Bonnier.

    Thanks and awesome giveaway!

  106. I know, only a few percent of my chances to win this amazing bag, but i just keep my fingers crossed #fingerscrossed
    Facebook Name : Felisia Riris Simanjuntak

  107. FashionSquad & Rebecca Minkoff… it doesn’t get much better than this! :)

  108. awww..i really3 love this!!(^_^)
    i hope this will b my 1st RM bag!!
    finger cross**
    FB name:nis shahida

  109. Oh!! I looove the bag..! Rebecca Minkoff ‘s a genius!! :)

    Afroditi Mpolli

  110. As a bit late gift for my birthday (13th)? (: Oh, I keep fingers crossed.
    My Facebook name is Agata Szymczak

  111. This bag is absolutely amazing!!!
    Really hope to win!! (My sister would be soooooo proud of me…ahahahahah)

    Facebook name: Elisa Mozzanica

  112. WOAH, that’s alot of entries.
    But I’ll test my luck out.
    Facebook: Thao Nguyen

  113. Hi!
    I just LOVE that bag hope that I will be lucky and win ‘couse I’ve never got the luck.
    Well as I wrote above my name i Erika Lyrén on facebook

    Love Erika / Sweden

  114. Love your blog!! the bag is amazing!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for this Christmas!!

  115. here I am:) what a beatiful xmas gift…a dream!!!
    XO Carolina

    contact/name on facebook: Carolina Franceschin

  116. I hope Santa hear my wish and can help me win this bag ^^. My facebook name is: Kristy Chau .

  117. My facebook name is : Laura Bilea. Christmas, be nice to me and give me this bag !!

  118. That’s a nice way to start the holidays :D
    My facebook name: loreta solonari

  119. Stunning bag – I love all of Rebecca Minkoff’s stuff! Hope I win.
    Facebook name: Rebecca Feigelsohn!

  120. Jag vinner aldrig någonting men nån gång måste ju vara den första och det skulle kännas bra att börja nu! ;)

    på FB: Malin Hedström

  121. AAAAHHHHH this bag is incredibleeee :D :D :D
    facebook: Kristina Cechova

  122. Rebecca Minkoff is my favorite brand of bags and I’ve always wanted to own one of her beautiful pieces, but they’ve always been too expensive for me. :( I really hope I win!

  123. amazing giveaway!! fingers crossed :)

    FB name: Alessandra Grave De Peralta

  124. Thank you for a great blog and that bag is really something special! I am keeping my fingers crossed :)

    FB name: Tahira Music

  125. i’ll keep my fingers extremely crossed until the 25th!
    FB name: Jessica van Es

  126. I love it. The colors, the shape, its just perfect for me :))

    Eva’s Girl Blog

  127. I LOVE this bag. Rebecca Minkoff bags are always really expensive and I can’t afford them otherwise I would have a billion her of bags. :)
    Oh my Facebook name: Emily Kent

  128. aaaaaaaaaaaaaw can’t believe :)) what a great gifting :DD
    I’m loving these bags :))

    following fashionsquad on facebook
    and following rebecca minkoff on faceook too :))
    facebook name: My dreams and my reality

    twosisters8795 at hotmail dot com

    I keep my fingers crossed :)))

  129. This is such an amazing gift you both are giving away – thank you so much! You can find me on Facebook under my blog name: Haute Eyes. Thank you again!


  130. I love the bag, it’s gorgeous!
    FB Name: Clau Garcia

    I’m crossing my fingers(:

  131. The bag is so pretty and I think it’s a great gift you are giving away.I would love to own it and congratulation for such an amazing blog.
    My facebook name: Niculae Ozana

  132. I love that bag!! Fingers crossed

    FB name: Michelle Borup

    Btw, love your blog :)

  133. Praying to baby Jesus that I win this bag!!! my Christmas day would be complete!

    facebook name : Bella Elle

  134. Wishing I get this before Christmas! :) Thanks! -Alexandra Cheng

  135. FB Name: Letitia Kate Naismith

    Ooh fingers crossed – would love it!
    Love the blog too x

  136. FB Name: Debbie Arriola’s

    Merry Christmas to me!!

    P.S. Hope this one’s correct!!

  137. My name is Anna Jane on Facebook. I have liked Rebecca Minkoff and the fashion squad for quite some time now and I could totally use this ADORABLE bag for the holiday season. I hope I win!!

  138. Love Rebecca Minkoff!!! This would be perfect for summer in Australia!
    FB: Courtney Barnett

  139. I just purchased six Rebecca Minkoff handbags during their Black Friday Sale and I wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for you and your blog! I discovered the brand through you. Thank you for this giveaway and everything else!

    Facebook Name: Marianne Ganzon

  140. You said fingers crossed? I have a better idea in mind! I wish you and Rebecca Minkoff to keep up the amazing work, lot of success, good luck and Merry Christmas! Ok,ok, fingers crossed too! ;-)

  141. Love it, thank you so much!
    Facebook name: Constanza Brito Von Bodenburg

  142. Facebook name: Ana-Paula Rojas

    fingers crossed, toes crossed, whole boy crossed (:

  143. Hi, Carolina!
    FB name – Maria Sidorcheva
    Holding my fingers croseed =)

  144. ohmygosh that bag is gorgeous! thanks for the awesome giveaway! x

  145. Wow what a cute bag. I would love to win this! Good luck to everyone, may the luckiest ones win!

  146. Oh,ho ho ho, would love to rock this purse all year around!!!!
    Rebecca Minkoff is a new Santa :)

    Facebook Name: Natashka S-a

  147. What a fabulous Christmas gift!!!
    I really wanna win :D :D
    Please please please (keeping my fingers crossed!)
    FB : Maako Kakae

  148. I love the texture and Design of this bag, I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for this great christmas giveaway!!!!


  149. Wow, that a awesome bag:) fingers crossed I hope I win it:):):)…

  150. Love it!! Really, really, really want this bag! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

    FB name: Chloe Childs

  151. So fab! This bag would be so great for traveling as well as everyday. Hope I win=))

    facebook: Layla Asgari

  152. What a lovely giveaway for Christmas, Rebecca Minkoff is amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us! :) My FB name is Bridgid Hawley :) xx

  153. Facebook name: Victoria Eschweiler this bag is beautiful !:)

  154. I die for this bag!! Need to have!!
    Happy Holidays!!

    Facebook name: Cate Frein

  155. FB name – Mila Sumner

    Insert: clever quirky comment, that will separate me from everyone else, securing me a mean rebecca minkoff/fashionsquad bag. Which unfortunately my mind is unable to conjure at this time.

    Nonetheless, Mila for the win!

    name: ashley salk
    ohh i would just adore this for christmas!!
    you’re blog is fabulouss :)

  157. Fb name: Jennie Yao

    OMG that bag looks amazing!
    Absolutely love your style!!
    Fingers crossed.

  158. I would LOVE to win this! Keeping my fingers crossed for sure.

    FB name: Judith Farkas

  159. Amazing! I’ve been lusting after this bag for a while now!

  160. I love Rebecca Minkoff!! Love the giveaway!! The bag is just perfect for casual occasions! I can take it anywhere with me!
    Facebook : Angela Chan

  161. I did everything :) this is an awesome giveaway! I hope I’ll be 1 of the lucky winners *fingers crossed*

    FB name: Maria Alyssa Martinez (ItsMariaAlyssa)

  162. definitely not gonna win lolz, but im just showing some support!
    ur Site is awesomee :D xx
    FBname: Connie Trang Trinh

  163. i hope to win for once…i love your blog!!! i keep my fingers crossed…
    mairi pappa (facebook name)

  164. Maja Osman?evi?

    I hope I win it since I’m 13 so it would be my first designer bag or anything designer at all + it doesn’t hurt that it’s a gorgeous bag! :)

  165. Yeeei, let me be a lucky reindeer with red nose and cheeks on Christmas! :”)

    Best regards from Germany
    FB-Name: Isabel Aschoff

  166. wow! what the amazing giveaway!
    Can a guy win this??? finger crossed!!

    FB name: Daiki Yoshikawa

  167. This is a really nice bag so I would like to enter, please. I have a difficult time expanding my bag collection as I hardly ever find a bag I like or they are in a price range which is out of the question ;)

    My name on facebook is “Simone Hietala” or

    Good luck everyone!


  168. This is one gorgeous bag which would make a perfect Christmas present :) Fingers crossed!

    My facebook name: Lina Pauzolyte

  169. FB name: Jamie Wong

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! So amazing, I love Rebecca Minkoff!!!!

  170. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve liked both pages, my facebook name is Vanesa Ionita.

  171. Lovely bag.Cant wait to see what else you have in sotore for us
    FB name:Nurshan Ural

  172. it’s so beautiful! thanks for this opportuny :)
    My facebook name is: Selena Norcini

  173. this is miranda,
    a girl from hongkong
    keep reading yr blog last yr

    i hope i could win XX


  174. Read your blog every day and it is a true inspiration!
    Have a nice start of the ‘holiday month’ and I hope I have some luck at the end of this year ;)

    Lauren Frederickx

    p.s. Facebook name is just my name, Lauren Frederickx

  175. valentina
    do i even have the slightest chance?
    bu i never give up hoping :)

  176. This is an amazing giveaway! LOVE the bag so much! Simple and unique. Must have items this resort!
    You are the best personal style blog and the pretty blogger ever! Seriously, your red lips, your hair, everything! Lovely.
    I really really hope I’ll win this bag because I’ve never won anything! 1:1181 and it’s still counting. So I’m not going to hope much. #fingercrossed

    Liked you and Rebecca Minkoff on facebook!
    Name: Perdana Putra HW



  177. That’s a cute bag !
    facebook name : Pauline Brulez
    I keep my finger crossed! xx

  178. Such a cute bag! I hope I win! Keep up with your wonderful blog!!!! xo

  179. Liked both on fb, I hope to win that bag is fantastic :) Facebook name:Luana Viola

  180. I am in purse love! I need it. Want it. Gotta have it!
    Ok….need may be too strong…but I am pursanista!

  181. love this bag!! my name on the facebook : ola osuch

    <3 thank you for such a beautiful giveaway !