ready for summer..

SUNNIES. As you probably know by now, I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to sunglasses, hehe.
Here are some of my current favorites:

from the top: Persol, H&M, Pucci (vintage), Karen Walker “deep freeze” (here), House of Harlow “chelsea”  (here or here), Topshop (similar here), Anna-Karin Karlsson “Alice goes to cannes”, Céline “Audrey”, Anna-Karin Karlsson “Coco and the row”, Anna-Karin Karlsson “Kitten noir”.

141 thoughts on “ready for summer..

  1. Oh my god, that’s crazy! I think you have some kind of addiction, haha! By the way, when will you show us your new apartment :D!


  2. Those Anna-Karin Karlsson “Kitten noir really stand out and I remember many lovely photos of you wearing them :)
    You are very beautiful dear Carolin and those shades really suit you!

  3. :-D Nice idea to show them. I understand your addiction, there are so many great sunglasses outthere and you can never have enough of them ;-)

  4. Love all of them, completly agree with your addiction I am the same with bags.

  5. WOOOOOOW !!
    Also think I have a kind of addiction, love the KarenWalker and House of Harlow ones!

  6. I really like the way you arrange clothes and accessories for shoots.. I would love to learn some of your tricks!

  7. I love sunglasses too! These are all wonderful! Hugs. P.S. today is the last day to get your entry in for my giveaway you can win some great summer accessories ;-)

  8. ohh i simply LOVE all your sunnies! i’ve never come across anna karin-karlsson until you showed them here, & i totally love them! wonder if she sells/ships to UK…

    katie x

  9. That is the best sunglass collection I have ever seen!! I especially love the second last pair!:)

  10. oh no… I have so many sunglasses but now i saw some of yours that i don’t have yet and now I need them. :) ha great post. x angie

  11. Great collection! You’re defenitely ready for summer!

  12. What about wooden sunglasses? I found this online shop where you can buy wooden sunglasses from the German brand Herrlicht. They are amazing! I want a pair..

  13. Wow, so many beautiful sunglasses! Loving the KW ones.

    I’ve got a jewellery giveaway if you and your readers would like to enter!
    It’s very simple and you could win a voucher to recieve pieces from the likes of Low Luv and House of Harlow. No need to follow me, just a great opportunity to win a great prize, xo

  14. Love them all….the celine ones are breathtaking… and the house of harlow… well, Im a huge fan!


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