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RANDOM. The weather has been acting pretty weird these past couple of days. Yesterday it was hailing and this morning it was snowing?! Not exactly perfect weather conditions to shoot outfit pictures in! Instead, here are some random black and white pictures I love!

83 thoughts on “random inspiration

  1. This bubble dress and awesome studded black leather jacket are the best!

    Yeah, I’ve heard about the snow in your country, it’s May HELLLOO?!!

    I’m sending you sunshine from London :D

  2. haha that’s funny. In Poland it’s also snowing, namely it’s snowing RIGHT NOW. In my latest post I did upload similar pictures :) Check out if you want to


  3. the girl in the first photo’s just stunning… and the last photo is awesome, loved it.. great post

  4. When i saw your tweet, i so felt your pain! The weather here is not much better! i don’t get: totally discouraging when you look so forward to like 3 solid months of good weather a yr and they can’t even manage to live up to your expectations.

  5. cool pics, why all b&w??? because of b&w weather outside?;)



  6. I love taking B&W photos too. It looks so old but if you know how to edit, you can enhance it and look stunning. Keep on sharing amazing photos.

  7. love the dress of the first pic…

    What do you think about my last post???????????

  8. I love your blog and your style !! You’re so beautiful and very stylish ! I follow you and I find your photos so amazing !!

  9. The weather’s been awfully kooky in SoCal as well…One day really chilly, the next day blaring heat! It’s making me wanna stay indoors and just veg out…and of course visit my favorite blogs :D That bubble dress is crazy cool! Something I would totally rock for a costume party…everyday? Notsomuch…but still fun to look at~ Thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  10. älskar alltihop! Speciellt första och tredje bilden. Helt fantastiska fotografier.

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