rainy days

FRIDAY. We had a wild xmas party at the office last night and when I woke up this morning and the rain was pouring down, dressing up was the last thing on my mind, but at least I have a very fancy umbrella, hehe ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

TOPSHOP coat, WEEKDAY sweater (boyfriends), ZARA jeans, CONVERSE sneakers, ZARA shawl. MOMA umbrella.


117 thoughts on “rainy days

  1. yeah, that umbrella is really cool, haha so cute :) (nearly as cool as my seethrough one from lindy lou with the glittery star handle ;D)

  2. You are right,qhen it’a rainny you dont feel like wearing something so nice.The most important things are the boots and the umbrella. Here in Stavanger is raining all the time and I’m tired of it.
    Great weekend to you!
    Much love,


  3. Such a good casual outfit, can’t go wrong with converse! I love the colour of your scarf!


  4. Hey girl! I stumbled upon your fabulous blog and LOVE it!

    Check mine out- I think you’ll like what I’m all about: shoes <3


  5. The funny thing about this is, you can wear what you want and always look gorgeous! :) I hope the rain had stopped in your hometown, snow would be nicer, I think!

    Love, B.

  6. the thing that absolutely takes my attention is the background.i just love stockholm with my heart,entirely..i just can’t get enough of this city when i travel to sweden from latvia.it just feels like a perfect place to stay and live in!i love stockholm’s unique atmosphere,stylish people,that caught my attention every time i’d go out!
    right now i am dreaming of coming to stockholm,so i could live there and study!it just inspires me so much and i feel like i could talk about sweden’s capital for hours!
    you’re so lucky to live in it!even though my city(riga) is absolutely amazing as well,i just have this huge need to get to stckh as soon as possible.hope i won’t bother you with my essay:D

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