Rainy days




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Waistcoat, Bird by Juicy Couture. Top, Indiska. Jeans, Bik Bok. Bag, Miu Miu. Shoes, Forever21.

LOVE. My internet connection has been playing hide and seek with me for the past two days, so I’ve pretty much been living at the french café around the corner of my apartment. Meaning – french music, crêpes, macarons and almond croissants en masse.
I feel like all that’s missing from this outfit is a cigarette and a baguette under my arm. Apparently, this is what two days of french brainwashing does to your look.

108 thoughts on “Rainy days

  1. I can spot Miu Miu from a mile away. Haha I heard F21 was going to have a style like those I wonder if they got them. Hmmm? Well great outfit and I love the deep red lips. Though, what is up with all the black and white striped shirts…seriously those and red leather pants? Someone explain this to me.

  2. This look is perfect for a rainy day! You look great! Did you lighten your hair a bit? It looks so light when you pull it back! :-)

  3. Out of all your posts this is my favourite!! The outfit is better than perfect and you look so beautiful. Especially love the red lips!

    Sofia Leo x

  4. This look is quite lovely. Love the mix of feminine and bohemian! When did you get those mui mui inspired platforms? Scouring for them currently!!

  5. Wow, I LOVE this outfit–you look so fierce. (I hate using this word, but with your hair cleanly pulled back and the sharp black and white contrast, it seems appropriate.) I especially adore the vest!

  6. mmmm being holed up in a french cafe.. i can definitely think of worse things ;) eat as many macarons as you can!

  7. HiCarolina!
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    We are about to launch a new brand Phyllis Boho and I would like to send you some info.
    You would love it!
    Thanks 

  8. love the red lipstick paired with the black and white outfit. lovin the back and white nautical striped top. very Chanel 1920’s inspired. love!


  9. your shoes! I want them! But it seems like Forever21 doesn’t have them in stock anymore… too bad!

    I like your blog, you always inspire!

  10. this is the look I like the most in your blog. Congrats. You look extremely feminine and the proportions of the shoes and vest looks great.


  11. Jag älskar miu miu skorna! De har verkligen gjort de perfekta skorna: klumpiga, rejäl klack och höga. Helt perfekta alltså.

  12. стоимость установки полотенцесушителя on said:

    ценно ) нирвана!

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