Rainy day in Stockholm

rainy days via fashionsquad

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

STHLM. Got back from Stockholm the other day and even though it feels great to be back in NY, I still miss my old hometown a lot. Isn’t it funny how the simple things you take for granted in your home country suddenly comes to mean so much to you when moving abroad? Like enjoying a perfect, fresh-out-of-the-oven, Swedish cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee with friends & family on a cold and rainy day for example. Ask any Swede and you’ll learn just how serious we are about our “fika” (Fika roughly translates to coffee break, but really, it’s so much more than a mere coffebreak!). That, and taking your shoes off when you enter someones home, because why on earth would you wear your dirty shoes inside? My American friends laugh their butts of everytime I remove my shoes while hanging out at their place, but that’s just how Swedes roll. These pictures where shot at the lovely café at Scandic Grand Central on one of those rainy days and let me tell you, that was one hell of a cinnamon roll!

rainy days in Stockholm via fashionsquad

swedish cinnamon roll

carolina engman

Mattias Swenson

rain via fashionsquad

rainy day in stockholm

KNIT Gant (similar one here). JEANS J Brand. SHOES Isabel Marant (on sale here & here!). BAG Proenza Schouler (here). PASSPORT COVER Louis Vuitton.

121 thoughts on “Rainy day in Stockholm

  1. Hey don’t worry! I was taught to remove my shoes when I go into someone’s house too! It is only polite to do so! I mean, if it was my house (and I keep my floor clean lol) I wouldn’t want dirty shoes and mud all over my floor right?

  2. So interesting I came across this post today because just recently I learned about ‘fika’! My boyfriend works in a firm that collaborates with a firm in Sweden so on two occasions he visited Stockholm and talked to me about fika. It surely sounds interesting. :)
    And yes, so many simple things are taken for granted… I tend to really enjoy all those things as much as I can. :)

  3. Lovely pictures! I can imagine how that feels, I have that exact same feeling after I’ve been away from home for just a bit longer than a month. You forget it so easily and appreciate it at the same time.
    You’ve got yourself a handsome man.


  4. such lovely pictures. funny about the shoe thing, I think most Europeans take them off. I find it ridiculous when people are wearing shoes while lying on the bed in American movies… :)

  5. You’re beautiful ! And by the way in Albania is too the rule to take off the shoes ! :) xoxoxo Kristi

  6. I know exactly how you feel, I live abroad too and there is days when I miss even walking on my hometown’s streets. I must visit Sweden to try those famous cinnamon rolls ;) actually I must visit NY too, there is a plan and a half for this years travels :)

  7. I completely understand what you mean, but it’s great in a way because you start enjoying those little things even more when you come back :)

  8. I love this photo shoot, very classy and beautiful! I really like Swedish traditions. One of my friend lives in the south of Sweden and she always tells me about the Swedish traditions, it seems like an awesome country!

    Sandrine x

  9. Beautiful photos! But I’m italian and I take off shoes too when entering someone’s home ;)

  10. Beautiful pictures, they really translate this nostalgic mood you have on a rainy day!

    Greetings from London,


  11. Hello lovelies, sorry for shamelessly self-promoting but I love this blog and I love beauty and writing as well. So if you could check out my blog at alittlekiran.blogspot.co.uk I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much. Xxx

  12. I’m from Canada and everywhere I’ve been here we always take our shoes off inside. It always annoys me watching American TV shows when they are inside with shoes on!

  13. Agree with you. Now I’ve moved abroad, I definitely begin to appreciate those little things I used to do back home and yes, dirty shoes around the house is a big no-no for asians too.

  14. I love it! Fika is definitely a word I’m going to incorporate into my vocabulary; it sounds like such a wonderful deeper version of a coffee break. Don’t worry about taking your shoes off at a friends house, I do that too. I also usually ask for a blanket if I’m cold or we’re going to be watching a movie.

  15. These shots are wonderful! Acutally, in Singapore, everyone also takes off their shoes when entering a house. Whenever my friends and I watch American shows/movies where everyone just wears their shoes inside a house, we get so confused, because won’t they mess up their floors (and thus have to clean it every time they step into the house?!). Haha sorry for the long comment, I just really shared your sentiment!


  16. Love this post so much! That cinnamon roll looks amazing and the photos are absolutely gorgeous! What a cool way to show your outfit while indoors as well. NYC has been so cold recently that I haven’t been able to do a proper outfit post.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on my new post when you get a chance.

    P.S. I take my shoes off too…totally agree;)



  17. Hey Carolina, us Poles also take our shoes off when visiting friends/ family.
    PS. I can see your Proenza got to travel with you. It is such a usefull and ergonomic bag with proper compartments etc., Love it! Many hugs from Poland

  18. Hej, you looks gorgeous as always!

    Btw, talking about taking your shoes off when you enter someones home, I remember as a little girl in my mother’s house we had to do that, and now and then we still taking off our shoes, because you are right (and my mother also) you don’t want your dirty shoes inside of your house, and I remember when I was in Helsinki I didn’t had any problem taking my shoes off when visit other houses… acctually it was like natural hehe… anyway I’m agree with you, some people laugh about it :P

    Greetings from Mexico and stay cool! :)

  19. I miss Europe too! I’m a German living in Los Angeles, and whenever I go back I too remember all the small things that make me love it.

    Love that sweater!



  20. Yes! I totally feel you on the “taking your shoes off” deal. I am Canadian but am from South East Asian descent and have always taken my shoes off when entering the home. I just can’t understand why you would even wear your shoes inside that is just dirty! I always thought this was an “Asian” thing, but during a visit to my cousin’s houses in France they all wore their shoes inside the house. Even when it was raining outside and our shoes were muddy, they were worn inside. I find this strange…..

  21. I live in Canada and we remove our footwear as well. I’m pretty sure it is just Americans.

    P.S. You look beautiful

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