rain, rain, rain..

pictures by Mattias Swenson

RAINY. I feel like everytime I mention something about the weather being great, it turns bad again. It’s been raining pretty much non stop for the past 5 days now but I don’t really mind. Sitting inside with a hot cup of tea, reading the latest issue of Lula magazine while listening to the rain pouring down outside is actually pretty awesome.

Tonight I’m going to snuggle up in the couch and watch one of my alltime favorite movies, Lost in translation, and dream myself back to Tokyo where the pictures above were shot last year, such a magical city!

131 thoughts on “rain, rain, rain..

  1. here it’s also rain to much…but afetr rain there comes sunshine :)
    You’re so pretty! Loving your lashes!

  2. Lost in Translation is NOT a good reflection about Tokyo or how life turns out to be in here.
    There are many (better) spots outside tge stereotyped ones (shown in the movie) so please, next time… Get out of Park Hyatt (which is actually really FAR from the nice places ) and go around Naka-Meguro, Ebisu & Daikanyama. Not to mention Jingumae or other spots.

    Seriously. It’s like judging Stockholm by the four skyscrapers in T-centralen.


  3. I understand you perfectly, the same happens lately with weather in Barcelona:-(
    But you have made amazing pictures!

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    Worlwide GIVEAWAY WITH SHEINSIDE until 4th June!
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  4. God, it’s insane how beautiful you are. Love the sunglasses (they get me every time), though it looks like you didn’t need them much with the rain!

  5. Aww the rain sometimes gets me down as well but I enjoy the nice sound of it! And I LOVE the unbrella in the first pic so adorably chic!

  6. Your lashes are amazing! What brand are they?? And I’m sick of the rain as well, we’ve just had a rainy weekend here in Brisbane :( x

  7. Great photos! I love the rain but it hinders us sometimes to go to places we want to;(


  8. I totally know what you mean, I’m having the same problem. Beautiful pictures!

  9. u look soooooooo cool in the first pic, and omg is it a conincidence that u wore the cat ears sunnies right after i commented and said i like them the most in ur last post????? :D

    the best part of these sunglasses is that if they dont give u cat eyes, they give u cat ears! YAY!

    xx nathan.niche


  10. Just 2 pics and you post say a lot. You look beautiul, but I am sure a lot of people say that to you. Enjoy your film. I am going to see my country Spain playing in the Eurocup. I am a girl but I like to see my country playing. If u want to see some sun check my blog maybe cheer u up.

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