rain, rain go away

anine bing bohemian dressPicture, Carolina Engman

LOVE. The rain has been pouring down all day long and all I can think about is my new, dreamy summer dress from Anine Bing that I’m dying to wear. Come on universe, work with me!

DRESS Anine Bing (here).

109 thoughts on “rain, rain go away

  1. I don’t blame you, that dress is beautiful! Sending good weather thoughts your way!

    Juliette Laura

  2. Sending some sunshine from the Baltics. Crazy sunny weather has been here for days, not that I mind.
    And the dress – well, can’t wait to see you do your magic with it.

  3. Can´t wait to see you wearing this lovely summer dress. Hope the weather will improve pretty soon :D




  4. I guess we’re all wishing to wear our Summer clothes but the weather doesn’t seem to help. Love your dress by the way!

  5. good god, that’s a beautiful dress! it looks like picnic’s in the park and watermelon lemonade in the sun…♥

  6. love that dress! I love all your photos, but the Beyonce ad is taking over your blog and makes the pictures look a third smaller than they usually are…don’t know if you can change that but as a reader it’s super annoying.

  7. that’s a really sweet dress. Perfect for the hot summer weather. I wonder if that can also be used as a cover up at the beach.

  8. I desperately want to see your apartment! It must be gorgeous.

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