Kimono, Vintage. Romper, AA. Necklace, RP/ENCORE. Bracelet, Hermés. Feather ring, Headmistress.

LIME CRIME. At the moment I’m absolutely obsessed with this purple lipstick from Lime Crime with the awesome name Airborne Unicorn! Not only does it last forever, it also comes in a bright purple tube adorned with a holographic unicorn, how sweet?!

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  1. Love the lipstick – Lime Crime is cool, but there is way too much product drama around that brand, and it seems over priced :/ Still lovely on you though! Oh & the package is such a selling point.


  2. That’s such a fun print. Your outfit is lovely and the lip color is so cute!! :)



  3. Lovely blog! :) I’ve been following it for some time now… and I have to ask you where do you have that necklace you’re wearing from? It looks like Pamela Love’s claw necklaces! I’ve been looking for a knock-off of her stuff (something with claws) forever! If it’s not hers. If it is, you’re lucky! :D I love her stuff.

  4. Such an outfit would have been perfect for this weekend, it was unbearably hot and humid here in the East Coast for the past few days!

    I love how you change up your hairstyle and makeup with each new outfit!

  5. the lipstick look so good on you! but I’m more in love with your kimono, it’s amazing!

  6. GORGGGEEEE lipcolor!! But then, the kimono takes the cake! BEAUTIFUL!


  7. This is something totally different from what I’m used to see you wearing and I like it!
    The lilac lipstick is ace, I have to get one too …

  8. Ahh! So gorgeous! And thanks for giving our lipstick a shout-out. Airborne Unicorn is currently sold out but should be back in stock in 2 weeks. :)

  9. Love this lipstick! I live in London and went to see Doe Deere herself when the brand was launched in stores here, very exciting! I bought Centrifuchia and Airbore Unicorn … Centrifuchia is an amazing shade and has been worn several times, but now that Airborne Unicorn has appeared in your inspiringly amazing photo’s I might try to pull that one off too (:

    Love your blog, keep it up!

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