purple rain










Shredded T-shirt, Rouge + Noir. Velvet leggings, Bik Bok. Headpiece, my own design. Shoes, Sam Edelman. Bracelet, Hermès. Necklace, Vintage from Miami. Feather ring, Headmistress.

PURPLE. I’ve been checking the mailbox rigorously the last 10 days while waiting for this shredded beauty from
Rouge + Noir to arrive. Absolutely love the colour and the way it falls !!

93 thoughts on “purple rain

  1. That purple tee is amazing, and looks so good in contrast to that pretty velvet. Lookin good!

  2. The back is amazing. Love distress shirts now, even if they do cost a fortune for a piece of torn clothing. Let’s call it art instead :)

  3. very cool top, I’m wearing something very similar in taupe as we speak.
    you styled it well, lots of class!

  4. and that color is to die for! Purple is such a great color on you and the velvet leggings are perfect with it. I just got a headpiece from Spanish Moss Vintage very similar to the one you made…kinda of thinking about a diy now that I know how it’s made…

  5. Super Sweet outfit! Love the tee, it’s kind of my favorite color and I love the way it falls too! The headpiece is adorable – actually I bought a very similar one at Spanish Moss yesterday! Can’t wait for that one to drop in to my mailbox!

  6. Mmm the shirt looks good! I’d love to see how it looks when oyu’re standing straight ;)


  7. I love youre lastname,
    i’m from sweeden,
    have you family there?

  8. Hi, i am doing research on blogs now. And your beautiful pictures attract me here. May i ask you some questions about your Blog? if u don’t mind~

  9. Can I ask you something?
    – you work or study
    – Are you piscies(sign)?
    -Who do you made that Headpiece, wait it’s your own design and another person did it, or you made it by your self?
    one more thing: I LOVE your site

  10. OMG I love your headpiece!!! And I love your pictures. Which filter do you use to have these vintage-like photos?

  11. love your blog and pics…

    It’s magical and you look just like a fashion fairy:)
    lots of hugs


  12. Your whole outfit is stunning, i fell in love with your feather ring and the headpiece. Could you do a DIY instruction for these please?

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