Prada f/w 13 campaign film

FALL. The fall 2013 campaigns are starting to pop up and I seriously couldn’t be more excited. Fall is above all, my favorite season and all the gorgeous coats, knits & boots featured in the f/w 13 ads really makes my heart skip a beat. This campaign video from Prada is one of my absolute favorites, love the film noir mood!

48 thoughts on “Prada f/w 13 campaign film

  1. LOVE this add so much. the outfits are to die for x


  2. Incredible with a mysterious touch. I see some vintage pieces making a comeback and some structured silhouettes as well. Awesome video

  3. I love all the different looks and coats in this, so exciting!:)


  4. What an amazing film – truly perfect clothing.

  5. Oh lala! There’s something very naughty and seductive about this promo. I think it’s a bad-campaign. It’s nice seeing a touch of film used in such campaign video. That girl dictating or acting out a script looks like Mila Jovovich or Monica Belluci! The clothes featured are all impressive and great shades of colors were used as well. Definitely ideal for fall season. What can I say, you can never be let down by a Prada collection.

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