Prada fantasy







prada fantasy lookbook, ss10. pictures via fashioncopious

PRADA SS10. I’m even more in love with Pradas ss10 collection after seeing their fantasy lookbook. Amazing!

45 thoughts on “Prada fantasy

  1. eeeee, since I probably would not be able to afford those heels, I’ll probably have to do a DIY. very, very nice collection :)

  2. The chandelier details could so easily have pushed this collection into looking tacky, but Miuccia knows what she’s doing. Like any other Prada collection, this has taken me a while to fully appreciate, and I love that challenge!

  3. wow these are so unique and gorgeous! The backgrounds look amazing. I really love that bodysuit in the first and last photos.

  4. I ammmmmmm so in love with the photos and feel of the photos. Now I am inspired to set up to get images like these. BTW, I adore your blog and style and everything about it. Looking forward to more of you post. Ciao bella…

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