Postcard from Napoli


NAPOLI. I only have time for a quick post before our italian journey continues, next up, Sicily!

80 thoughts on “Postcard from Napoli

  1. hey~caroline!
    this is min from ceci magazine from Korea!
    we sent you an email about interview request!
    please check back~ Thank you! :)

  2. OMG i live near Napoli! I really want to’ meet you! You’ve already leave Napoli? Have you been in Positano or Capri?

  3. Bella Italia!
    You looks so pretty.
    I love you hair nd you blog.
    Greetings from Germany!

  4. so jealous that you are in such a beautiful place! i can’t even imagine how amazing it is. enjoy it.

  5. Hope you will have fun in italy, I’ve been there so many times and it is a wonderful island! I’m curious what you will see there! If I may make a suggestion: Go visit “Agrigent”, it’s world heritage, I found the english Wikipedia: – I was there and it is SO amazing!

  6. Fantastiskt!
    Klockan är jättesnygg! får man fråga vart du köpt den? :)

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