post-apocalyptic beaches








Pictures by Mattias Swenson

BOMBAY BEACH. As you might remember I flew over to LA to do a photoshoot for a japanese brand about 2 weeks ago. Due to lack of sun, we hit the roads for a crazy roadtrip in an old motorhome and ended up close to San Diego.

One of the places that crossed our paths while shooting was Bombay Beach. It is beautiful out there, yet it’s one of the eeriest places I have ever visited. The beach has something post-apocalyptic about it with the ground covered in dead fish, killed by the high salinity in the water, and ruins of old abandoned houses along the shoreline. I really wish we would have had more time to take pictures and explore the area fully, but I guess that will have to be an adventure of it’s own, one day..

76 thoughts on “post-apocalyptic beaches

  1. The pictures bring the feeling of the place. Can imagine how beautiful it is in reality.
    Suitable outfit & character. Good job! ;)

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