Vogue Paris, june/july 2009 issue. Picture, tfs.

EN VOGUE. I love polka dots but find it really hard to make them work with my style. French Vogue features this modern take on the dots that I really, really like. Lot’s of bracelets, sky high heels, smokey eyes and an awesome bag. Now all I need is some polka dots to play around with..

7 thoughts on “polkadotspolkadotspolkadots

  1. I love polka dots !
    sweet dress ! I’ll buy one like that :)

  2. i agree, the dress is so cute too
    also, i think its the fabric of the dress which makes it look good & stops it from looking tacky x

  3. I know what you mean about it being hard to incorporate polka dots into your style. They can easily look too retro and dressed up but I loove this take on them. The dress is very chic and elegant and with those amazing accessories it defintiely works!

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