Blouse and pants, Zara. Shoes, Scorett. Cross necklace, vintage from miami.
Rings, H&M. Pearl Bracelet, DIY. Hat, Zara (mens department)

BLACK/WHITE. Bought these amazing wedges yesterday and I’m in lo-lo-love! Can’t even
begin to tell you how much I long for warmer weather so I can wear them outside of the apartment.

I’ll be going to New York feb 10-15 and would love to hear your best tips on vintage shopping, restaurants, clubs and places I have to see. Drop a comment or send me an email at carolina@fashionsquad.com!

81 thoughts on “Polkadots

  1. I love the way these photos were taken,,honestly this is the most cool effortless outfit I’ve seen all week <3

  2. those wedges are amazing!!

    I only went to NY briefly, i stayed in a house in Brooklyn and we went to Williamsburg for the day and the vintage and thrift shops were pretty cool. I absolutely loved it there.

    Hope you have a great time.

    oh but my favourite place in NY was St Marks Place, you will get some cool shit off the markets


  3. amazing shoes and you styled them great! I’m sorry but I don’t have any tips, but I would love to hear them from you when you are back, because I’m going to NY in the summer. However I found this at the satorialist, but I don’t know if it’s worth something:
    However, I popped into Amarcord in Williamsburg during the marathon on Sunday (no, I wasn’t running), and I was pleasantly surprised at how beautifully the shop was presented–wonderful color stories and very well-edited. I’ve said it a million times: retail is all about edit and presentation. Vintage stores are not immune to this rule, and if they follow it, they soar over their competition.

    Even without buying anything, I loved going through the racks and marveling at the colors, patterns, and texture play. These photos were not items I edited myself; this is exactly how I found them on the rack.

    Amarcord has a few locations:
    SoHo – 252 Lafayette St
    Williamsburg – 223 Bedford Ave
    Showroom and Archive (by appointment) – 242 Wythe Ave

    Hope you’ll find fantastic stuff and you’ll have a great time there!

  4. These are my two favorite places for vintage and thrift in New York, I hope you have an awesome time!

    Beacons Closet, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn- An awesome thrift store organized by color and full of hipsters

    9th St. btwn 1st and 2nd avenues, East Village, Manhattan- Tons of wonderful little vintage stores line this block. My personal favorites are Cobblestones and Local Clothing.

    Also, if you’re into cheaper alternatives to designer items (especially shoes) I’d check out LF. There are a few stores scattered around the city but my favorite is in SoHo(closest to topshop)

  5. I love your shoes!!! I have been looking for a pair of wedges like those forever!!! Anyways you have to go to Diva it’s a restaurant and it’s sooooooo yummy! The last time I was there my boyfriend and I went back 3 times in one week!!!

    it’s at 341 West Broadway, soho, 212-941-9024, divasoho.com check it out its so good!!!
    enjoy your time in nyc!!


  6. I love that pics
    heels are so high
    do you hurt your foot?
    looks like hurt your foot
    but gorgeous styling :):)

  7. Wow. The shoes are just.. WOW!!! Perfect for spring! The hat is darling also :)


  8. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THOSE SHOES. i pretty much only wear wedges so i’m starting to have my own little collection of them. & love the polka dots!
    love, dayna

  9. awesome shoes!!!

    one of my favorite (and cheap) places to eat in nyc is cafe habana in soho (prince&elizabeth) they have really good cubanos and you have to try their corn!! Clinton st bakery has amazing blueberry pancakes and other breakfast foods as well~~if you like cafes try care lalo or cafe reggio (although there are a billion cafes in nyc, these are classic?) Try the marshmallow shake at stand as well! yum! dont forget china town!

    ill be in nyc as well for nyfw~~hope to see you around!!

  10. Hey,
    could you please tell me where you’ve got the rings from, the silver one which looks a bit medieval..
    looking for something similiar for ages.
    and nice blog btw

  11. hello, which store did you get them from? I’ve been looking into every other scorett and I still can’t find it ): Let me know please, would like to get them haha

  12. your blog is so cute! i actually adore your shoes. do you know if there is anyway of getting them in canada? or even if scorett ships over? their website is a little confusing :P

  13. De där skorna fick mig att yla, ja yla, när jag såg dem. Min pojkvän ville dö. De var det fulaste han sett. Jag fortsatte yla. Så sinnessjukt snygga!

  14. I am terribly in love with those shoes!!!! I looked on the website but i have no clue how to purchase them if you could tell me i will be in huge debt to you! Oh and if you could tell me how much you paid and how i can get my hands on them! thank you

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