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Bag, Ordning & Reda

CLEAR. My friend Taghrid had the most amazing clear Hermès bag dangling from her arm when we met up for lunch in SoHo last week that seriously left me green with envy. So, when I found this transparent envelope bag (which is actually meant to function as a document holder) this morning, I simply had to buy it. Definitely not as fancy as the Hermès bag, but definitely more wallet friendly. Really looking forward to not having to rummage through my bag for 15 minutes just to find my lipstick anymore ;)

49 thoughts on “Plastic fantastic

  1. LOL just be careful if your on a train. The clear bag would make a bag stealer water at the mouth I would think. Otherwise I like the concept and I hear you on being able to find the lipstick. It’s the worse when you can’t find something the only thing worse is when your hand lotion pops open in your bag and covers everything :p

  2. I love your style, your pictures make me happy and you really inspire me. Thank you for a fantastic blog!

    Lots of love from another swede!

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