Chanel Peridot. Picture by Carolina Engman.

LOVE. Finally got my hands on the lovely Chanel Peridot after months of waiting!! All the other nail polishes I own kind of pales in it’s presence, honestly can’t see myself wearing anything else this fall. The way this beetle hued masterpiece reflects light.. pure perfection!

81 thoughts on “PERIDOT

  1. Amazing, they’d be the perfect accessory for a LBD. And they also seem a bit Christmassy ..! Love your blog btw Carolina, it was a big inspiration when I started mine :)

  2. OMG ive been wanting that nail polish since i saw a picture for the first time… its so pretty! lucky you!

  3. So beautiful, and it really is the ideal fall color! Can’t wait to see how you’re gonna style it, you make everything look so beautiful Carolina!

  4. i agree wholeheartedly. no other colour in my collection is as nice, even ones i just bought and have never worn. sigh! i want to buy a second bottle just in case they stop producing it after this season. so perfect and unique.

  5. After seeing this on so many blogs, I wanna try this color even though I’ve heard mixed reviews.


  7. Yay, a new post from you :D
    I love Chanel nail polishes. They’ve got an amazing quality and they always have the best colours. Although I don’t really know if I like this colour. But maybe I’ll fall in love with it after you wore it :D

  8. I picked up the quartz shade, but I had such a hard time deciding because all of them are so pretty. Why is it that I have a feeling that I’ll be returning for the other two?!

  9. i looove that nail polish, but it isn’t available in the stores in my neighbourhood yet.. but i’ll keep waiting!

  10. I love this nailpolish!
    I bought it yesterday and i cant wait to put it on my nails! :)

  11. I also Walter for sooooo long, but then i finally found it in prague in Sephora, and i’m telling you, i almost jumped of hapiness!!!

    It’s just sooooo amazing!!


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