peplum jacket

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

PEPLUM. As much as I love colorful looks, a simple black and white outfit never fails! This peplum jacket was one of the pieces I chose for the “How to wear peplums” guide I did for Asos and I’ve already been getting so much wear out of it. It’s super easy to style and looks good with pretty much anything, perfect for those days when you’re in a rush and have “nothing to wear”!

ASOS peplum jacket (here). ZARA jeans. CÉLINE sunglasses. ZARA clutch. MICHAEL KORS watch (similar ones here & here). CHIARA FERRAGNI shoes (here).

183 thoughts on “peplum jacket

  1. I adore you’re style! There’s like, not an outfit I wouldn’t wear myself :)
    Love the cool leopard detail and heels, great colour to wear with leather-like pants :)

    The White Studio

  2. AMAZING outfit!!!
    black and white is always a classy and stylish combination!!!!
    but what i like the most is the brown shoes!!
    ps. you really are obsessed with peplum arent you??? ;)

  3. Lovely shoes dear, I know the feeling a huge closet that you can’t close and nothing to wear.
    Kisses from Spain

  4. I really need to ask you about your MK watch. What’s the model style number of it because I’m looking to purchase one, especially one with a black dial face. Thank you so much :)

  5. LOVE the whole outfit, especially the wonderful jacket. Although I feel a bit scared to wear a peplum, it seems a little too out there for me. BUT you make it wearable ;)

  6. Pretty! Who said “don’t mix brown and black”?! It looks great together. And I love this jacket!

  7. definitely my favorite look from the series, you just look so sleek and perfect in that way that only you can!

  8. Lovely jacket! But I’m also in love with the heels and clutch! You did great job with this outfit! :) xx

  9. I’m loving peplum more and more each day but I haven’t challenged myself to try it out yet. I’m afraid that it will emphasize my hips a bit too much. Although I’m not a fat girl, I have a slightly large bone structure when it comes to hips.
    What do you think?

  10. Absolutely in love with the peplum jacket! It goes so well with the rest of the outfit – off to find that Zara clutch! :D


  11. Love the leopard clucth and Chiara Ferragni shoes
    your look amazing with this outfit

    <3 Avia

  12. I can’t express how much I love the jacket. How come there’s not one in white in asos??

  13. I love this particular peplum jacket! I bought one from H&M but it is strictly for winter! I love those shoes as well, definitely will have to check out Chiara’s shoe line!

  14. I used to be more of a peasant blouse flowy kind of person until I met peplum. There were these two tops I simply could not love any more and they were both peplum. I bought one of them even though it was 90$. Your peplum top is really elegant and sophisticated, it goes really well with everything else in your outfit. I also really love your shoes.

  15. You created the perfect combination of sweet rocker with this look! Absolutely stunning!

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  16. LOVE the jacket! I’m sad that ASOS doesn’t offer it in white anymore :( Love the way you styled it!

  17. Loving anything peplum at the minute and thanks to you, I’ll now be buying this jacket! x

  18. Absolutely Stunning!!

    Adore this outfit. Those heels and jeans are insane!!

    One of my most fav blogs online, keep up the great work.


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