passport cover

louis vuitton, personalized, passport cover, initials, monogram

louis vuitton, personalized, passport cover, initials, monogram

LV. Just had to do a quick post to show you guys my new passport cover that finally arrived today after a couple of weeks wait. It’s personalized with my initials + favorite colors and will definitely add some well needed glamour to all those early morning flights!

LOUIS VUITTON personalized passport cover.

96 thoughts on “passport cover

  1. Dip It Black: I know!! me neither, saw them in the LV store in Paris a couple of weeks ago and it was love at first sight!

  2. Beautiful! Great choice of color. Having something personalized always makes us feel sooooo special, doesn’t it?? Love it

  3. Super chic! Looks great on the LV.

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  4. A passport is a most important document and we need extra care this cover is secure our passport and also they are very stylish nice sharing

  5. so gorgeous! I like it so much. I have a purse of LV. All the thing of LV are so beautiful. You’re lucky to have this passport coverrr

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